Laolaibulai blessing ceremony enters Lipu, Guangxi

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Lao Bulai, together with the top 10 building materials industry brands, has come to Guangxi recently. The organizers jointly launched a series of preferential activities with major brands, which triggered a rush buying frenzy among owners

on April 25, the activity of "praying for a prosperous house" jointly organized by 10 major building materials industry brands, such as Laolai Bulai doors and windows, xinzhongyuan ceramics, nature flooring, and fashilong ceiling, walked into Lipu, Guangxi. Shi Minghui of Kaishan temple in Liuzhou presided over and led the monks to pray for the people, wishing the people of Lipu County " Jiawang "e& quot; Yewang "e& quot; Yundaowang "e

in order to better give back to the owners, the organizers, together with major brands, launched a series of preferential activities such as "one blessing promotion, two blessing money, three blessing luck, four blessing courtesy, five blessing happiness", which triggered a rush buying frenzy among owners

Laolai Bulai, as an advocate of Chinese retro doors and windows, not only pays attention to the safety and practicality of products, but also organically combines doors and windows with traditional culture, which reflects the theme of this "blessing prosperous house" activity and has been highly praised by the owners

"Laolai not bad" as a private science and technology enterprise in Guangdong Province, adhere to the responsibility of "developing good civil doors and windows to make them as durable as buildings". It is a pioneer in aluminum door and window chain integrating research and development, production, operation and service





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