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2017 is now approaching the end. In this year, the home furnishing profession has developed more and more rapidly. On the way of this development, many enterprises have shown their sharpness and gradually gained a firm foothold in the profession, while some enterprises have gradually declined and disappeared. In this era of fierce competition, whoever is strong and knows how to be flexible will be able to go to the end. However, those enterprises that operate nonstandard, have rigid ideas and are unwilling to improve, and rely on some smart people who think they can become a professional brother, may be severely photographed by the actual cruelty

door enterprises with conservative ideas will be screened sooner or later

some door enterprises earned their first pot of gold and expanded by relying on the opportunities they had. The boss also thought that their thoughts and experiences were very good. At that time, our courage and courage are worthy of our admiration, but now the situation has changed. If we still operate the door enterprise with the backward ideas inherent in the past, the door enterprise will face closure. How to say, in the industry, several once very large door enterprises, now the boss's idea is to only defend but not attack, only seek stability, not development. The low-end screening products they produce are still being promoted as high-end products, which leads to many dealers being unable to sell goods. The key is the dictatorship of the boss, who doesn't listen to people's opinions. So stubborn and conservative, sooner or later be screened out, it is really a good hand, and finally be beaten

small workshop enterprises, non-standard is very risky

some enterprises do not have environmental protection dust collection and other equipment, and the employees have not done formal training before taking up their posts. We all call this kind of door enterprise a small workshop enterprise. The factory is messy, and the boss doesn't pay attention to details and standards. Inside, paint buckets are littered, waste materials are piled up, and some wires are aging, and the workers are also in a posture of doing nothing. Such door enterprises don't matter who you close. Now the environmental protection inspection is very strict. I heard that some large factories in door production areas have been forced to close down because of the local haze. Therefore, the door factory with non-standard production is like walking on the tip of a knife, which is very risky

fight a price war, and it is difficult for enterprises to endure price rises.

data rises, logistics rises, and manual rises. Everything is a rising rhythm, resulting in many enterprises not daring to take orders, and the orders they once took are all lost. Why is this? Because they once fought a price war to attract dealers by making profits through concessions, but now once the price is raised, some of them have no time to raise the price. Now they have been ordered, so they have to cut corners. There are also door enterprises that do not produce or accept orders, waiting for the past of price hikes. Therefore, this year, many door enterprises in the door industry cluster have taken holidays early, but this is by no means a long-term plan. If they are not afraid of raising prices, they must be well positioned. We should follow the quality line, improve the added value of products, do not price with people, and work together with high-quality customers, which is the most correct truth

I think it's a good time for enterprises that expand blindly

I visited many door enterprises this year, of which 80% had good business this year, and there was no time to do the list. Whether it is a good quality door enterprise or a poor quality door enterprise, business is good. How did this happen? As the houses sold this year are the most in history, and most of them are existing houses, which are just in demand, this good business is estimated to continue until the first half of 2018, and the second half will not be so good. But these are appearances, and this will set off a number of blind expansion or self thinking door enterprises. Looking at the good market this year, some business owners spend a lot of money on equipment, land and recruitment, waiting for the next year. Think about it, how can there be such a good business when the newly needed inventory houses are almost sold? So in the second half of the next year, the door shopping mall will not be so crazy. If you don't believe it, you can have a look

door enterprises that ignore brand marketing have made many detours

once "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", but now it is "the fragrance of wine should also shout". No matter how good your product is, the dealer doesn't know it, and the consumer doesn't know it, then you're worthless! Therefore, in recent years, big brands are advertising, and second and third tier brands are also advertising. They all want to seize the market share. There is a wooden door enterprise with excellent quality. In the profession, our evaluation of the brand is two words "regret". How can you say that? Because their products are really good and the details are in place, but the boss doesn't understand marketing and doesn't pay attention to marketing, so it has been difficult to open the mall. Other wooden door enterprises saw this, so they imitated the products of the brand and vigorously engaged in marketing. I heard that the output value has already exceeded that of the door enterprise with good quality

enterprises that don't care about dealers and services are bound to die

some business owners think their current business is good, so they are bullish. Don't care about the dealer, and don't pay attention to service. Once there is a problem with the product, ignore it and let it survive. What's more, there are many customers in the mall. Why not die oneortwo? It's not bright in the East and bright in the West. Develop from scratch and make money. Such a door owner may be able to survive now, but such a bad reputation will sooner or later become notorious. Even if you want to change a brand in the future, if you still want to change the soup without changing the medicine, you will not do it well and die quickly


survival of the fittest, whether in home occupation or in the world, is the truth. In a highly competitive profession, it is normal for the fittest to survive, so the polarization of door and enterprise business is also within a reasonable scale. If you want not to be screened by the mall, the first step is to examine your own advantages and disadvantages, correct them, and carry forward your strengths. Especially for informal small workshop enterprises, how can their products meet the requirements if their operations are not formal? In the home occupation, production quality and service are as important as each other. Only by coordinating the two together with correct and appropriate operation and marketing policies can we keep our position in the home occupation




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