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The freshness and comfort of rural style is the most popular reason. The decoration of rural style restaurant makes us feel like eating in nature. While enjoying delicious food, it is also more conducive to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network collected several decoration renderings of the freshest restaurants in 2014

the red log dining table and chair shows a simple pastoral flavor. The dining chair with warm yellow cushion is comfortable and warm, and also caters to the simplicity and elegance of natural style. The solid wood table is covered with a green tablecloth and a bunch of delicate flowers, which brings the vitality and interest of nature to our eyes and makes the natural beauty go down with the delicious food. The yellow and white background wall of the restaurant is dotted with various shapes of mirror frames, adding a unique scenery to the decoration of the restaurant. And the carpet with small broken flowers on the blue bottom at your feet shows the charm of natural countryside incisively and vividly

the decoration effect drawing of this restaurant is very simple in color matching. The main tone of gray white highlights the quiet and warm design of the idyllic restaurant, while the design of the exquisite side cabinet shows a French style, which also adds a romantic and exquisite flavor to the decoration of the restaurant. The dining chair with curly arc design also has a beautiful arc design, and the special white washing treatment makes the whole restaurant furniture show a meaningful texture of classical furniture. Hemp carpets and thick curtains not only improve comfort, but also show atmospheric style, making the decoration of rural style restaurants more temperament

it is a common layout in small house decoration to arrange the restaurant in a corner of the home. Although it is in a corner, it is also full of natural interest. The wooden background wall of the restaurant and the rattan dining chair suddenly highlight the charm of the rural style restaurant, so that when we eat here, we have a relaxed and leisurely feeling and enjoy the beauty of slow-paced natural life. The round small table can also be used as a tea table. When eating, look up and see the flowers on the table or the green plants in the corner behind. Edifying it will also relax your mood





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