Challenges and Countermeasures of talent selection

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The challenge of enterprise talent selection evaluation and Its Countermeasures

personnel measurement technology has been paid more and more attention in enterprise talent selection, and has been applied more and more widely. As a psychologist who has been engaged in talent selection for enterprises for a long time, we are committed to using psychological measurement technology to help enterprises "select and use good people". While we feel that enterprises have many needs in talent evaluation, we also feel that the current personnel measurement technology meets some challenges in meeting the diversified needs of enterprise customers. We also summarize some countermeasures. Here are some experiences in several aspects combined with our work practice

I. customization of psychological tests

(I) cognitive ability test

at present, many enterprises are trying to change the past practice of recruiting candidates only through the professional knowledge test. When conducting the ability test, they select the questions of the administrative professional ability test for their own talent selection

however, there are some problems in the cognitive ability test currently used by enterprises:

1. The selected administrative professional ability test questions lack psychometric reliability or validity analysis, and do not verify the validity of the evaluation tools

2. At the same time, the administrative professional ability test questions can be seen everywhere in the network. There are even special examination counseling companies to help candidates apply for the examination, which affects the effect of the test tools

3. A set of general cognitive ability test is often used to screen all types of posts, which makes the selection lack of pertinence

in this case, human resource practitioners in the enterprise particularly need competency testing tools that meet their specific needs and are trusted by them. The question types of customized ability tests are brand-new, which can avoid the adverse consequences of candidates' pre-test practice. In strict accordance with the technical standards of psychometrics, a large number of tests are carried out on the questions, and the questions whose differentiation or difficulty do not meet the requirements are eliminated to ensure the quality of each question. Conduct validity test with authoritative intelligence test (Advanced Raven reasoning test), and promise to cooperate with customers to track the evaluation results, so as to verify the predictive validity of cognitive ability test with the future work performance of these personnel

in the process of customized development of cognitive ability tests for customers, different test questions are selected according to the types of different posts. For example:

1. Technical R & D personnel: for example, the technical R & D personnel of an aerospace enterprise, their spatial reasoning ability plays an important role in their work and determines the design level of the R & D personnel. Therefore, the topic of spatial reasoning will be the main topic in the design of the global food consumption rate structure

2. Bank tellers: the work of tellers in the bank business hall is very standardized, which does not require a particularly complex cognitive ability. However, they are required to handle business quickly, often need to deal with many things at the same time, and have strong short-term memory ability. Therefore, when designing the ability selection test, the perceptual speed and accuracy test should be focused

3. Senior managers: in practice, we often encounter the need to evaluate the cognitive ability of senior managers. For senior managers, the general cognitive ability test questions do not predict their work performance very much. What they need is the ability to think systematically. Therefore, when testing cognitive ability, we use case analysis to replace the general logical reasoning ability test

in practice, it is found that the cognitive ability test developed according to specific characteristics has better results and is easier to satisfy customers

(II) personality test

many well-known personality tests are faced with some problems to be solved when they are used in enterprise talent selection, and also face the problem of customized application according to the actual situation:

1. In the selection situation, it is difficult for personality tests to obtain real answers

most personality test scales are self-reported. The subjects can perceive the intention of evaluation from the test questions and choose the answers that meet the social expectations. Take several topics in CPI for example:

"I like to attend public gatherings for the purpose of being with others.

I think my father is an ideal person.

a person needs to" show "himself from time to time.

I often feel that I have made a mistake in choosing my major."

it is required to answer whether these statements are in line with their own ideas. Most people who know that this test is related to their own interests will answer "yes" to the first three items and "no" to the last item. It is conceivable that such an answer is of little value to the decision-making of personnel employment

our practice is to ask the subjects to use the "forced selection" method when designing the test questions. The questions of different dimensions are not good or bad for the subjects, but represent different personality characteristics. For example:

a I am very willing to help others

b I like to check the results repeatedly in my work to ensure that the results are correct

whether a or B is selected, it seems that it is "good" or "bad" for the candidate, so it is avoided to give social praise

2. The combination of personality test results and specific post work is not strong

our commonly used personality tests are often large and comprehensive, and can construct the characteristics of a person expressed by chenquanxun in all aspects, but these characteristics can only become a subjective reference. How to use them and how to quantify them? The human resource managers of enterprises are confused

for example, there is a travel service company, which has a call center composed of more than 1000 employees. For a period of time, the personnel mobility was particularly large, which had a serious impact on the daily operation of the enterprise. Managers of enterprises feel that people with certain personality characteristics are more likely to leave. If those with turnover intention are screened out during recruitment, the turnover rate will be reduced. Therefore, the enterprise puts forward a very clear demand for a personality measurement tool, which can eliminate those who do not match the working characteristics of call center agents. They have tried some commonly used personality tests, and the results are not ideal

the job characteristics of the seat staff are obvious, the work rules and procedures are strong, there is no need for too much innovation, strong heart and patience are required, and they can engage in more repetitive work for a long time. Our approach is to further clarify the most suitable and the least suitable personality characteristics for the call center work through in-depth interviews, and determine the key evaluation dimensions and their importance as the basis for setting the post personality matching model for call center agents. In the topic design, the forced selection method is adopted to make the candidates look good or bad. According to the job personality matching model of call center agents and the results of personality questionnaire evaluation, the job matching index of each person can be obtained, which can be used as the basis for the hiring decision of company executives. The validity of the questionnaire tool is verified and the qualified score of the post matching index is determined through the test of the existing personnel of the company, and the supervisor evaluates the working status and performance of the subjects in the pilot test line with Shenyang Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The personality questionnaire has a good effect in the recruitment application of this enterprise

II. The contradiction between efficiency and quality in the process of talent selection

another problem we often encounter in the practice of talent selection is the contradiction between the specific needs of enterprises and the technical requirements of talent selection. Take the internal selection projects we often encounter as an example. A bank needs to establish a reserve cadre base by means of talent evaluation. There are often many people, hundreds of people, who need to participate in the evaluation. As an external human resources consulting organization, in order to accurately select candidates in this process, it will use a variety of methods in the technology of the evaluation center, such as paper and pencil test, interview, file basket test, scenario simulation, etc. However, the bank hopes that this work must be completed within two weeks so as not to affect the work of the bank. How to give full play to the role of evaluation technology in a limited time is a subject we have to face

based on our practice, we have used a variety of talent evaluation techniques in a limited time. To help select the right people, we must follow the following principles:

1. We must conduct structured behavior interviews for the subjects

interview, especially behavioral interview, plays the most important role in talent selection. If the customer wants to save time by omitting several evaluation procedures, the behavioral interview must not be omitted. According to our experience, behavioral interview can give the most comprehensive test to the subjects. A talent evaluation without behavioral interview procedure is difficult to accurately grasp the characteristics of the subjects. The normal interview time for each person should reach 40 minutes. If the customer wants to reduce the time, it must not be less than 30 minutes, otherwise the interview effect will be affected. In the structural design of the interview, the interview questions should include the understanding of his past experience, the key achievements he has made in his past experience and the behavior performance of his core competence, which are indispensable. The design of each interview topic should be carefully carried out, and the value of each topic should be brought into full play within a limited time

2. Use paper and pencil tests to collect their past behavior information to make up for the lack of interview time

when the interview time is not enough, you can use paper and pencil tests to collect some information that you did not have time to collect during the interview. This method is called "behavior interview written test technology" in our company, that is, according to the star principle, you can design the structure of behavior events to be collected, ask the subjects to write down the key behavior events in their past experience, and then give structured scores to the written behavior events, As a supplement to behavioral interview. This method can be used for group testing and improves the efficiency

3. Use the most effective psychological evaluation tool

we often help enterprises select managers, and the management ability of candidates often needs to be evaluated. In addition to the interview method, how to use a very effective tool to evaluate management ability? We have developed the implicit management knowledge test, which has proved to be effective in practice. The questions of this test are all management situations that managers often encounter in their work, including different management processes and different work objects. The subjects are required to describe what they would do in this situation? Because it is an open topic, it can test the internal management experience of the subjects. We have made a comparison. This kind of test is better than the situation judgment test in the form of multiple-choice questions

III. design scenario simulation tests for different positions

a scenario simulation technology often used in the process of enterprise talent selection is leaderless group discussion (LGD). At present, LGD has been widely used in enterprises, both in the recruitment of fresh students and the selection of backup managers. We believe that LGD is not suitable for the selection of personnel for any position. LGD mainly measures the candidates' real interpersonal relationships

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