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Yesterday, it was learned from the Changde environmental protection bureau that from the end of this year, all paper-making enterprises in Changde that do not have environmental protection facilities, discharge pollutants, and then reach the goal of controlling the movement of the beam and can not reach the standard will stop production

at present, there are 59 paper-making enterprises in Changde City, including 11 pulp and paper-making enterprises, 45 waste paper-making enterprises, and 3 commercial paper-making enterprises, with an annual discharge of 28million tons of sewage, 1500 tons of smoke and dust, and 3000 tons of sulfur dioxide. Although some enterprises have environmental protection facilities, they do not operate because of the high cost. The papermaking wastewater exceeds the standard and is directly discharged, resulting in serious pollution. In order to strengthen the environmental protection management of paper-making enterprises, Changde City has decided to renovate the city's paper mills and stop production of enterprises that fail to meet the standards. During the inspection, the inspection team found that 17 "two noes" chemical pulp and paper and waste paper-making enterprises, including linli Hekou paper mill, which had exceeded the standard for a long time, had no environmental assessment procedures and no pollution prevention and control facilities. After research, it was decided that these enterprises would stop production before December 31 this year. According to the deployment, before March 31100 of next year, 40 chemical pulp and paper enterprises that do not have alkali recovery devices and can not stably meet the pollutant discharge standards, as well as recycled paper mills that do not have environmental protection facilities and can not stably meet the pollutant discharge standards, will all stop production

in addition to shutting down and renovating the existing paper mills with serious pollution exceeding the standard, Changde will also focus on rectifying and controlling small and medium-sized paper mills. The first report before December 31 next year shows that pulp and paper enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 50000 tons (including 50000 tons) and recycled paper mills with an annual production capacity of more than 10000 tons (including 10000 tons) can continue production only after the relevant environmental protection facilities are qualified and accepted by the environmental protection departments at the provincial, municipal and county levels

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