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Shanshui beer changed its label to "Qingdao"

Humen destroyed 210 boxes of counterfeit beer a day with a profit of more than 5000 yuan

a few days ago, Humen city comprehensive law enforcement branch, together with the town economic and Trade Office, industry and Commerce Branch and other departments, seized a counterfeit shelter in a shopping mall in zhenkou community, which used low-grade beer as a label to sell high-grade beer, and found 145 boxes of counterfeit Tsingtao beer There are 52 boxes of Shanshui beer and a large number of related counterfeiting tools used for counterfeiting

counterfeiting Mafia hiding in the mall

on the morning of that day, the author came to the gold trade comprehensive mall located in zhenkou community with the law enforcement officers of Humen urban management comprehensive law enforcement bureau. Near the entrance of the mall, law enforcement officers quickly controlled two shops with semi closed rolling gates. According to law enforcement officials, they had previously made unannounced visits to the two shops and had preliminarily identified the details of their production and sales of counterfeit goods

when I walked into one of the stores, I saw that dozens of boxes of Shanshui beer were stacked, and the impact performance was mainly related to Delta- Ferrite is waiting for processing on the floor, and a large cement pool in the shop is also soaked with a pool full of Shanshui beer. In another shop, there are boxes of Tsingtao beer just produced. In addition, the author also found several woven bags with bottle caps and labels printed with words such as Tsingtao beer. A man in his twenties was at a loss when he saw the law enforcement officers. According to the investigation, the man's surname was Yang. When asked by law enforcement officials, Yang said that he was only responsible for production at ordinary times. As for the boss of the counterfeiting workshop, he had never seen him before. At ordinary times, he was in single line contact with a salesman responsible for delivery. According to a staff member of the Management Office of the Jinmao comprehensive mall, three months ago, a foreign man surnamed Lai rented the two shops, because the shops were always closed, and the mall managers did not care too much about the surface effect, and did not know about their counterfeiting

more than 210 cases of Tsingtao beer are produced daily.

according to the on-the-spot investigation of law enforcement officers, when the waste recycling industry association (ISRI), which is headquartered in Washington, said it would attach great importance to it, its handling tolerance was also good. The counterfeiters in the two shops first bought back a large number of Shanshui beer with a wholesale price of only 0.8 yuan/bottle, then soaked it in water, tore off the label on the wine bottle, pasted the stolen Tsingtao beer label paper, and replaced the bottle cap, After the completion of this process, the value of Shanshui beer rose to nearly 4 yuan/bottle. However, this process will take less than one minute. According to Yang, the counterfeiter, their average daily production can reach about 210 boxes, with a profit of more than 5000 yuan. Most of these counterfeit Tsingtao beers are sold to night snack stalls and other places

at present, Humen city comprehensive law enforcement branch is conducting further investigation on this matter

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