Changchun resin's acquisition of Xinchang chemical

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Taking advantage of the wind, Changchun resin acquired Xinchang chemical by RMB 2.4 billion, and the bisphenol a production capacity increased by 107000 tons

taking advantage of the wind, Changchun resin acquired Xinchang chemical by RMB 2.4 billion, and the bisphenol a production capacity increased by 107000 tons

march 22, 2021

taini's re announcement on March 19: through the resolution of the board of directors, Xinchang chemical, a subsidiary of the division, has issued 100% of its common shares to Changchun resin. Taini spokesman huangjianqiang pointed out that a fully loaded truck drove to local markets. Considering the group's business model and in order to create the group's overall interests, taini released another signal: in terms of policies, "the company's; To fill the car rdquo; While the development strategy of new energy vehicles became more and more clear, after evaluation and negotiation with Changchun resin on relevant transaction conditions, the company signed a share purchase and sale agreement with Changchun resin to sell all the shares of Xinchang chemical held by taini at a consideration of RMB 18.187 per share, totaling RMB 2.4 billion. After the acquisition, Xinchang has a production capacity of 107000 tons of bisphenol A. It is expected that the market will add 8000 tons of bisphenol a coating every month

taini said: since 2012, Xinchang chemical has been in a state of loss for many years. Taini has previously terminated the listing of Xinchang chemical in accordance with the law to integrate the group's resources

in addition, considering that the company's development direction is consistent with the future development goal of the enterprise's energy storage phase 1, which directly adopts the conical steel bar to wind and process on the CNC lathe, the company will also invest up to 10billion yuan in the circulating energy of the company, and plans to add two production lines. Through the group's Nengyuan technology reinvestment subsidiary Sanyuan energy, it plans to set up Taiwan's first super battery factory at the former site of Kaohsiung Xiaogang paper mill in Tainan. It mainly produces high-order nickel ternary batteries with high capacity and high charge and discharge power, with a capacity of 1.8gw. Therefore, the environmental test equipment is required to provide the specified environmental conditions, which is equivalent to the long-range battery capacity required to produce 24000 electric vehicles a year. At present, the capacity of Nengyuan technology Tainan plant is 1.5gw/year

Nengyuan technology is now the largest lithium battery manufacturer in Taiwan and the main supplier of many well-known high-end home appliance brands in Europe and the United States. However, the equipment purchased three years ago is not enough to meet the needs of the next generation battery manufacturing process. Therefore, it has made an important decision to set up a new plant in Kaohsiung and increase the investment of RMB 10billion in taini. The global demand for high-performance batteries is rising rapidly. Last year, countries produced 80million passenger cars, of which Tesla only produced nearly 500000 because of the lack of battery supply

company profile

Xinchang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in May, 1991, with its headquarters in Taipei and its factory in Kaohsiung. It was first established by a joint venture between taini and Sinopec. It is the first professional manufacturer of phenol and ketone series products in Taiwan. However, Sinopec has withdrawn from its shareholder status in 2011, and taini holds 50% of the shares. It was listed in the emerging market in october2006 and re listed for trading in October2007

Changchun artificial resin factory was established in 1949. Its main products are paper-based copper-clad laminates. Its monthly production capacity is one of the two in the world. Its supply includes domestic and foreign famous electronic, computer and printed circuit board manufacturers. Other bulk products include epoxy resin, epoxy resin molding powder, melamine resin molding powder, urea resin molding materials, decal resin, formaldehyde, trimeric formaldehyde, etc., which are mainly used in electronics, motors Semiconductor, home appliance, communication, coating, etc

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