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Pay attention to environmental protection of coatings

pay attention to the environmental protection of coatings

May 4, 2014

[China paint information] for ordinary consumers, one kind of paint commonly used in home decoration is latex paint used for interior walls, and the other is wood paint used for wooden furniture. In the daily spot check of paint products, the items of the pendulum of impact testing machine to prohibit vertical signs are mainly divided into two categories, one is volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other items related to personal safety, and the other is physical properties such as washability and contrast ratio

according to the results of sampling inspection, most unqualified items involve free formaldehyde, which is also the most concerned by consumers. If the free formaldehyde of the paint is too high, formaldehyde will gradually volatilize into the air during use, causing indoor air pollution. When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration indoors, people will have discomfort, such as red eyes, itching eyes, throat discomfort, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis, etc., and even lead to cancer in serious cases. The newly decorated rooms have high formaldehyde content, which is also the main inducement of many diseases

when shopping, if conditions permit, consumers can open a can of paint to have a look. If they feel irritated to their eyes, it may mean that the formaldehyde in this can of paint exceeds the standard

take a look at the VOC content

in view of the environmental protection indicators that consumers are most concerned about, it is suggested that consumers should not only choose brand products when purchasing coatings, but also better not forget to check the product quality inspection report, especially the VOC content in the quality inspection report. VOC is the English abbreviation of volatile organic compounds. Generally speaking, the chemicals harmful to human body (except heavy metals) in latex paint refer to VOC

the national standard stipulates that the VOC limit is not more than 200g per liter, the better coating is less than 100g per liter, and the environmental protection coating is close to 0

300 wipe tests scrub resistance

in addition to the safety indicators that consumers are most concerned about, the physical properties of the paint, such as scrub resistance and contrast ratio, also directly affect the use effect of consumers. The contrast ratio reflects the ability of white or light colored paint to cover the color of the substrate. The lower the contrast ratio of the paint, the worse the covering performance of the product, which cannot eliminate the color of the substrate. When using products with unqualified contrast ratio, users are bound to increase the amount of paint used, resulting in higher costs

washability also directly affects the service life of interior wall coatings. Those with high washability are relatively wear-resistant and durable when repeatedly washed or decontaminated. For example, in families with children, naughty children may scribble on the wall, and some marks can be wiped with a wet rag. Paint with good washability will not change significantly after wiping, while paint with poor washability will "expose the bottom" soon after wiping, affecting the appearance. During the quality sampling inspection, 300 times of wiping without exposing the substrate is the qualified product

the most practical can inspection in 2012

paint products are not only related to the beauty and comfort of the living environment, but also to the health of their families. It is recommended that consumers should choose formal channels to buy large brand products, not sloppy

for the physical properties of coatings, there are also simple identification methods when purchasing. When purchasing, if possible, you can open a can of paint. If there is serious stratification, it indicates that the quality is poor; Stir gently with a stick. After lifting, the paint stays on the stick for a long time and covers evenly, indicating good quality; You can also take a little bit and twist it with your fingers. Through technical transformation, fill it up. If the thickness is good and it dries quickly, it means that the covering power of the paint is good

it is not suitable to brush paint in rainy days

the purchase of paint is very particular, and the details during construction cannot be ignored. Guo jingzhuo reminded that wood paint and latex paint should not be applied at the same time, otherwise the wall will turn yellow. In addition, putty affects the adhesion of paint, which is also very important. Usually, putty, primer and surface coating will be scraped three times. Each refreshed layer must be completely dry before the next process can be carried out. Brushing another layer before it is completely dry will lead to dusting, cracking, wrinkling, etc. at that time, it is not worth the loss to shovel off the wall again and do it again. In particular, it is not suitable to brush paint in rainy days, otherwise it is easy to cause blistering and cracking due to heavy moisture

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