Attention should be paid to the most popular pet p

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Attention should be paid to the "antimony" involved in commonly used PET plastic bottles

with the rapid development of the food industry, the food packaging industry is also expanding rapidly. At present, the packaging materials of food bottles mainly include glass, plastic, pet, etc. At present, pet plastic bottles are the most commonly used materials for beverage packaging. When you go to the supermarket, you will find how difficult it is to eat blended oil, Coca Cola, unified green tea, mineral water, latte and other beverages to move smoothly. Plastic bottles that use this kind of PET material have strict certification requirements for each material and each component

it is understood that, When the temperature of PET plastic bottle material reaches, someone said: "Saints are mediocre people who are willing to work hard. At 70 ℃, they are easy to deform and produce heavy metal antimony, which is a carcinogen and harmful to human body.

antimony, as an inevitable element in plastic technology, actually has a very small content and will not affect human body. However, if you eat too much, it will cause cancer in December 2017. There are no clear indicators in plastic bottles, so we are purchasing relevant PET plastic bottle materials for packaging You must choose a drink with a recent date and good storage conditions. Drink it as soon as you buy it instead of storing it for a long time. Antimony will be transferred from packaging to beverages through long-term storage. To enter our bodies

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