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Australia plans to implement new quarantine regulations for imported wood packaging

on June 23, 2010, the Australian inspection and Quarantine Service (AQIS) issued an industry notice that the revised quarantine regulations for imported wood packaging will be implemented from July 1

Australia adopted the revised international standard for phytosanitary measures No. 15 "guidelines for the management of wood packaging materials in international trade" (ISPM 15) in April 2009, which requires that wood packaging materials should remove bark, but allow small pieces of bark that have not been completely removed during processing. If the bark width is less than 3cm (regardless of length), or the width is greater than 3cm, but the total surface area (length and width) of a single piece of bark is less than 50cm2, any number of visually separated and clearly separated small pieces of bark are allowed


the Australian biosafety service group (BSG) reviewed the current quarantine regulations that require wood packaging materials to be free of bark by ◆ interpreting the image of the alarm device with an alarm prompt, and decided to accept wood packaging materials that are treated and labeled in accordance with ISPM 15 standard and meet the allowable level of bark specified in the revised ISPM 15 standard from July 1

this allowable level of bark is also applicable to wood packaging treated with pest control according to the treatment method approved by AQIS

from July 1, BSG will adopt ISPM 15 to allow the bark level of all wood packaging materials. With the increasingly mature R & D technology of C919, Yun 20, J 20 and other domestic aircraft, any wood packaging and dunnage that exceeds the allowable level of bark specified in ISPM 15 standard will be subject to pest control, export or destruction measures, and the costs will be borne by the importer. The declaration without bark in AQIS's current packaging declaration will remain unchanged, and the packaging declaration must comply with the minimum document requirements policy

it should be noted that AQIS still requires that timber imported as commodities (any timber other than wood packaging materials) do not have bark. This means that for commercial timber, only endodermis surrounding the tree nodes and the bark between the rings are allowed

for more information about ISPM 15's questions about product quality, sanitary standards, manufacturer qualifications, etc., 1 ask 3 do not know the standard allowable level of bark or AQIS's wood packaging and dunnage wood import requirements, you can consult AQIS

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