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Attention should be paid to the safety of use! What points should be paid attention to in diamond wire saw cutting construction

the diamond wire saw developed in recent years is favored by the construction units and is the use product developed by the diamond wire saw manufacturers for a long time. Rope saw cutting has many advantages, with super power, high efficiency and high precision. This new type of static cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept. It is not only suitable for large-scale reinforced concrete structures in modern engineering, such as rubber binding in addition to traditional solar cells, but also very suitable for the cutting of marble, mine, granite, etc

before cutting with a rope saw, the operator must read the instructions and receive expert training. During construction, there are several key points that also need the special attention of the construction unit

1. Start the electric motor, adjust the tension of the driving wheel through the control panel, ensure that the diamond rope is properly made of a variety of materials, tighten, supply circulating cooling water, and then start another electric motor to drive the driving wheel to drive the diamond rope to rotate and cut. During the cutting process, you must closely observe the stability of the base and adjust the deflection of the guide wheel at any time to ensure that the cutting rope is in the same plane

2. In the process of rope cutting, the front of the direction of rope movement must be protected with safety barriers, and safety signs should be set in a certain area to remind pedestrians not to enter the construction area

3. During the cutting process, sufficient flushing fluid should be ensured to ensure the cooling of the diamond rope and take away the ground powder. The cutting operation shall be stable in speed, parameters and equipment

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4 The safety protection measures must be strict, or the diamond beads on the broken diamond rope will fly out like bullets and hurt people. Therefore, in addition to taking necessary protective measures, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to visit the site

when selecting the cutting process type, the construction personnel should consider many aspects and choose the most suitable construction tools

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