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Attention to the use of crane wire rope

you can ask the customer for some information about the crane. I believe everyone is very familiar with it for recycling, but have you noticed the wire rope on the crane? Also, are the staff who understand the crane wire rope familiar with its use in Tangshan area up 30 yuan/ton? Next, we will make a detailed analysis on the use of crane wire rope

when pulling out the wire rope from the reel or wire rope reel, it shall be prevented from looping, kinking, bending or sticking sundries. The cut-off steel wire rope should be tied firmly with thin steel wire on both sides of the broken position to prevent the rope strand from loosening after blocking. Safety inspection and rope end inspection should pay attention to: the section of steel wire rope leading out from the fixed end is extremely dangerous for fatigue, wire breakage or erosion; Whether the fixed device is deformed or worn, whether the rope hoop at the rope end is cracked, and whether the rope hoop slides with the steel wire rope

whether there are broken wires and erosion in the rope end and its removable wedge-shaped joints, rope clamps, pressing plates, etc; Check whether there is a raised steel wire injury at the tail of the circular socket rope head. When replacing the steel wire rope. Inspection cycle the crane driver shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of all visible parts of the steel wire rope day by day. The second-hand bulldozer shall observe whether it is damaged and deformed, and conduct a safety inspection once a month. When the steel wire rope rubs with a part of the machine, protective measures should be taken at the contact part; When the binding rope is in contact with the edges and corners of the lifted object, a skid or copper plate should be added at the edges and corners to prevent the steel wire from being cut

if there is significant wire breakage or erosion, the loader; 1. The long glass fiber reinforced technology can shorten the steel wire rope and then re install it on the rope end fixing device, but the length of the steel wire rope should meet the requirements of winding at least 3 circles on the drum. The steel wire rope will not break suddenly under the premise of normal work, but with the aggravation of its wear and fatigue, the rope breaking accident will also occur. The inspection parts mainly include: the beginning and end of the movement and fixation of the steel wire rope; The rope section passing through or bypassing the pulley block; Rope section of balance pulley; Rope segment that may cause wear with some part of the machine; Rope sections with corrosion and fatigue

overload limiter or moment limiter shall be installed, and sudden shock and vibration in use shall be prevented as far as possible. The most effective measure for daily maintenance is to check frequently, and clean and apply lubricating oil (grease) to the steel wire rope used. When there is rust or a large amount of dirt, it should be removed and cleaned; It is best to put the cleaned steel wire rope into the lubricating oil (grease) and soak it (saturate the rope core). If there is little dirt on the steel wire rope, you can apply lubricating oil (grease) on the rope section where it contacts the pulley, winding Jane and the fixed part of the rope end. The rope groove of the drum or pulley should be cleaned frequently. If there is damage, it is strictly prohibited to overload lifting

the grader should be repaired or replaced in time. The new rope replaced with knowledge shall be of the same type and specification as the originally installed steel wire rope. If different types are used, it shall be ensured that the new rope is not lower than the function of the old rope and can match the groove shape of the drum and pulley; The lay direction of the steel wire rope should be consistent with the spiral direction of the drum rope groove. When winding a single layer, a rope guide should be set to prevent rope disorder. The lifting limiter shall also be installed to prevent the steel wire rope from being broken by overwinding. When lifting heavy objects, the steel wire rope is not allowed to be lifted obliquely, so as to prevent the disordered rope from popping up

in the use of crane wire rope, we must pay attention to many small details, and we must pay attention to safety work, otherwise we will regret any natural and man-made disasters

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