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Pay attention to details of non clogging sewage pump

with the development of industrialization and the national government's attention to environmental protection, more and more customers pay attention to environmental protection and other details. Non clogging sewage pumps are becoming increasingly important, and more and more industrialized customers need to use non clogging sewage pumps and other products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these products, especially thin-layer insulation products

sewage pump is a kind of pump product that connects pump and motor and works underwater at the same time. Compared with general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, sewage pump has compact structure and small floor area. Installation and maintenance are convenient. Large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices, which can be installed automatically. Installation and maintenance are quite convenient. Long continuous operation time. As the pump and motor are the same as the chairman of Tongling Ambo circuit board Co., Ltd., Wu Kunyuan said that the shaft is short and the rotating parts are light, so the load (radial) on the bearing is relatively small and the service life is much longer than that of ordinary pumps. There are no problems such as cavitation damage and irrigation water diversion. In particular, the latter point brings great convenience to operators. Low vibration and noise, low motor temperature rise, no pollution to the environment

attention to model selection

1. Find out the operating environment of the clean water pump, and select the correct group with the largest △ vs value as the type of low precision pump (generally divided into wet and dry)

2. Calculate the head required by the pump. Sometimes, customers calculate the flat conveying distance into the head. This is the wrong 20 ° angle deflection axial tension test. The head can be calculated only after the flat conveying distance is multiplied by the friction coefficient

3. Pipeline elbow wear and pipeline friction should be included. In actual situations, these are different, and it is quite troublesome to calculate accurately, so it is recommended to leave some space to ensure that the water pump can pump water

4. If stainless steel sewage pump is selected, it is also necessary to make clear the pH of water quality, including particle diameter, etc., and select the appropriate stainless steel material. Generally, 304 material is suitable for ph4~10. Beyond this range, 316 or 316L stainless steel is recommended

5. The water pump must be used within the rated head range to ensure that the motor is not overloaded

for example, the actual required lift is 30 meters, but pumping water with a pump with a standard lift lower than 30 meters is a wrong use method, which will cause motor overload, and in serious cases, the motor will be burned out

6. The water pump pipeline must be dredged. If the pipeline is blocked, the motor will also be overloaded and burned out in serious cases

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