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Australia is willing to share clean energy technology with China

on the sidelines of the 2008 China Australia clean energy and environment dialogue forum yesterday, Peter bacheler, the Minister of energy and resources of Victoria, Australia, told the MP that China and Victoria, Australia have a lot in common in energy resources. The storage volume of natural gas and oil in both sides is not very large, but the storage volume of lignite in both sides is large with servo electromechanical as the power source; In addition to using lignite for power generation, Australia is also actively exploring the use of new energy such as natural energy and wind energy for power generation. However, if lignite is used for power generation, the carbon dioxide produced is much higher than that produced by natural gas and black coal, so China is also facing similar environmental pollution problems; Australia is willing to share technologies and projects related to clean energy with China

Peter bacheler revealed that at present, the cooperation project between China Harbin power equipment manufacturing company and Victoria HRL company is under way. The former is the world leader in the field of coal power generation, and the latter has mastered a leading technology of lignite liquefaction power generation. The two sides will produce equipment in China and then ship it to Australia to build a new lignite power plant in Victoria. The plant will use HRL's new technology, and its production capacity will far exceed that of its peers, reaching 500million watts; Recently, the company added a new xpressn lux material to its xpressn low VOC surface material product line. In the process of power generation, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 30%, and water saving can reach 50%. It will become the world's largest lignite power plant using new technologies

Peter bacheler said that in China's new five-year plan, the clean use of energy, consumption reduction and emission reduction are important aspects, and the Australian government will implement similar codes in 2010. Both sides are working towards one goal, hoping to promote new cooperation projects between the two sides

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