Australia launched the most popular waterproof pac

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Australia introduces waterproof packaging cartons

recently, Australian researchers launched a special packaging carton for aquatic agricultural products such as fish, fruits and vegetables. This kind of carton is covered or coated with polypropylene or polyethylene inside and outside, which can be waterproof. When used for packaging, there is no need to use other waterproof materials

the packaging carton is suitable for zigzag clamps, which are used to pack agricultural products that need to be frozen or refrigerated, so that the packaged goods can always maintain a certain amount of moisture in the sales process to prevent damage due to freezing or moisture. In addition, the carton is strong and durable, and can withstand long-distance transportation and repeated loading and unloading. After printing various patterns and trademarks on it, it can also be used for the packaging of export goods. (information source: Packaging News)

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