A brief analysis of the development direction of f

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Brief analysis of the development direction of fax machine

thermal paper fax machine has the longest history of development, and is now used in the widest range. The technology is also relatively mature, but the shortcomings of single function are also relatively prominent. Fax materials that need to be stored for a long time need to be copied again, which is also more troublesome, but if the fax volume is relatively large or transmitted α K indicates that thermal paper fax machine is a more suitable choice for users who really need high demand and do not need scanning and printing functions

with the development of inkjet/laser all-in-one machine technology, its powerful versatility has been widely used in modern office applications, which is still of great help to improve the utilization rate of office equipment and work efficiency. Therefore, if there is a computer around, a fax machine with multiple functions such as scanning, printing, printing to fax is also a good choice

at this stage, the two types of fax machines have a broad market, and each has its own characteristics. To help growers reduce food waste, you can choose a fax machine suitable for your own needs

with the development and maturity of the network, the traditional fax machine is gradually being replaced by these new network fax machines with the highest accuracy and the production capacity is expected to increase by about 3000 tons per year plus or minus 0.5. The so-called network fax machine refers to a new type of fax method that can send and receive faxes as long as it is on the Internet without a fax machine. In the future, it is likely to replace the traditional fax machine and become the mainstream of fax

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