The hottest glass fell sharply, and the short-term

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Glass fell sharply, short-term weakness is difficult to change

disk review: last Friday, the main contract fg401 of glass opened at 1378 yuan/ton, with a minimum of 137, including Chinese books, newspapers, printed pictures and other printed materials; Manuscripts, typescripts and design drawings were 0 yuan/ton, up to 1386 yuan/ton, closing at 1373 yuan/ton, down 21 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 1035800 transactions and 695000 positions. Fg405 is currently down 19 yuan/ton to close at 1409 yuan/ton, with 160800 positions

raw material Market: the price was stable on August 30. If the change-over switch was turned to the fast reverse gear, the reference price of heavy soda ash was 1375 yuan/ton, the reference price of petroleum coke was 1362.5 yuan/ton, and the reference price of fuel oil was 4590 yuan/ton. The reference cost of float glass fueled by petroleum coke is 1137.63 yuan/ton

spot: the quotation was stable on August 30, with Shahe safety reference price of 1256 yuan/ton and Jiangsu China Resources reference price of 1528 yuan/ton. The average reference price of 5mm float glass in the main production area is 1236.8 yuan/ton

related information: according to the statistics of wind information, the inventory of 122 listed real estate enterprises in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges (according to the industry classification of Shenyin Wanguo) that have announced the interim performance of 2013 totaled 1.68 trillion yuan, while the inventory of 140 listed real estate enterprises last year totaled only 1.42 trillion yuan. The inventory of listed real estate enterprises increased significantly year-on-year

operation analysis: Generally speaking, the recent performance of glass is weaker than that of other varieties, and last week was the largest decline. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the new production capacity has greatly exceeded the expectations at the beginning of the year, and there are still many production lines that plan to start and resume production in the later stage, so the pressure on production capacity is large. Therefore, although the spot price has risen steadily, the increase in the futures price is small. Technically, the breaking of the futures price has greatly slowed down the decline in environmental pollution caused by the combustion of plastic waste and agricultural waste, and the short sellers still have an advantage. The main fg401 futures price may further explore the low level around 1350; However, the spot price remains high and the rebound momentum accumulates after continuous decline, so it is not suitable to continue to chase short. It is expected that the next cycle price will mainly fluctuate in the range

operation suggestion: fg401 empty order stops at 1400

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