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Glass exudes unique charm in interior design

glass plays a very important role in the history of architectural art and interior design in various countries in the world. Every development of glass art will play a very big role in promoting interior design, and the continuous development of interior design provides a broad prospect for the display of glass art

the interactive development of glass art, architecture and interior decoration is difficult to imagine what human architecture and decoration would look like if there was no glass in the world! In the development of Western glass technology, the most striking is the relationship between glass and architecture. The prosperity of medieval church architecture promoted the development of glass art. Since then, every development of glass art is inseparable and complementary to the development of architectural art. Glass is transparent, hard, able to block wind and rain, and can be produced on a large scale. These properties determine that it is irreplaceable in architecture. The use of glass art language in architecture also makes the boundaries of inner and outer space of the building vague, which in turn promotes the development of architectural design and interior design. The expression language of glass art in interior design is first expressed in the internal space interface of the building and the invisible boundary of inner and outer space

glass art has changed the continuous innovation and evolution of the visual form of architecture and interior and the processing technology of environmental glass materials, and has made great progress in quality and quantity. It has also gradually changed its material position in architecture and interior decoration, and has become the main building interior decoration material. The designer's design methods and ideas have also changed, and glass is gradually changing architecture Interior design style and form play an increasingly important role. Glass has changed the form of indoor and outdoor space of buildings. First, the architectural structure and indoor space are more simple; Second, glass makes the visual content of architecture and interior full of variety and variety; Third, glass breaks the boundaries of indoor and outdoor space, introduces outdoor space into the interior, and makes the indoor space open and less restrictive. Famous architectural and interior design masters have used a lot of glass as architectural and decorative materials, especially Mies Van der Rohe, who is very devoted to the creation of glass art, treats glass materials with great enthusiasm and strongly recommends the surface artistic effect of glass. He said, "I try to use actual glass models to help us understand the importance of glass, that is, it is not the effect of light and shadow, but the rich reflection". The use of glass is not only a kind of material, but also a carrier of architectural culture, design concept and emotion in architecture, which affects the designer's design thinking and methods, and makes the architectural form more colorful

expression of glass art and innovation of interior design interior design first reflects personalization and uniqueness, which is the soul and significance of design. The application of glass art in interior space is to express interior design in the context of innovation. Glass, whether in materials, decoration technology or interior space effect, "polyurethane exterior wall insulation products produced by some small enterprises in the market are one of the main elements of innovation. Innovation is the primary factor of interior design, and new thinking and new creativity are the core of innovation, making people enjoy" new "and pleasing to the eye; New materials and new functions are innovative means, which make people "refreshing"; New technologies and processes are introduced in the process of development. Glass art has been applied as an innovative element in modern interior design because of its unique material performance, decorative effect and performance language. Glass art has rich perceptual connotation. It not only presents colorful and bizarre perceptual appearance images, but also contains rich, profound and uninhibited perceptual instincts. At the same time, it can also trigger people's pleasing, shocking and stimulating perceptual psychological experience. In modern interior design, interior decoration also obviously has a sense of fashion. From the perspective of materials, decoration technology and design effect, due to the short service cycle of glass materials, it is necessary to constantly pursue new trends. Therefore, in the performance of language innovation in interior design, glass art inevitably has the compound beauty of fashion language. The innovative design of glass art in interior design needs to comprehensively consider many factors, such as the minimum annual interest rate of 3%, the concept, function, structure, color, lighting of interior space and the significance of completing the work, etc. Balancing and coordinating these factors to integrate glass art decoration with the space environment and ultimately maintain their own artistic characteristics is undoubtedly the main consideration of every designer. Starting from reality, starting from the needs of life, properly organize according to people's activities and behaviors, change the situation of one thousand people in modern interior design, so that glass art is not only an ornament of interior space, but also a contact of interior space, interior environment and residents. Therefore, the oil supply pressure of the oil pump changes with the working load, thus conveying the diversity of the environment and other more important information, This is also one of the goals pursued by designers

the rational application of glass art in interior design. The application of glass art in interior design should first reflect the principle of humanization, that is, people-oriented. Specifically: leading and safe. Glass is a fragile material, which should not only ensure the safety of people in the process of glass processing and installation, but also ensure the safety of decoration materials, decorations, furnishings and use; Second, we should pay attention to and respect people's psychological and conscious habits. It is still a work of art. For example, now people pay more attention to referring to some suggestions of Feng Shui, and designers should consider people's requirements for the privacy of space; Third, the light pollution of glass and the glare caused by glass will make people feel uncomfortable. The principle of innovation is the core of design. Glass art has gradually become an innovative element of interior design, but it is not the use of glass that is innovation. Whether it is material, technology, or design intention, glass is only the carrier of innovative ideas. In short, glass innovation must meet the overall requirements of space and environment, and can withstand the final effect test

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