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The glass exhibition brings together new products such as ultra white float glass and advocates green energy conservation. As one of the two major professional exhibitions in the global glass industry, this year's largest glass exhibition, the three-day 30th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, ended at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on May 25. 903 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions attended the exhibition. The exhibition shows the development achievements of the global glass industry from a professional and international perspective, and establishes a large-scale professional technology and trade exchange platform for the industry

it is noted that most of the glass exhibited in this exhibition is different from traditional glass. It is widely used in photovoltaic power generation, electronic information, building energy conservation, public transportation, biomedicine, aerospace, military equipment and many other fields. Types of glass, such as quartz glass, new special glass products exhibited by China Building Materials Research Institute, and deep-processing products and technologies of aerospace glass. Capvision technology highlights new achievements in information display, energy conservation and safety. New energy glass includes touch screen high aluminum cover glass, ultra white float glass and ultra white glass

PENG Shou, chairman of Capvision group, said that the new glass products are developing in the direction of refinement, high permeability, large size and multi-function. Focusing on the current technological frontier of international new glass and the main strategic needs of the country, China still has a long way to go in the innovation and development of new glass. It is still necessary to strengthen the basic research of glass performance, improve glass manufacturing technology, improve the performance of glass products, and develop new kinds of glass products that can be controlled by angle or torque. It is still necessary to expand new application fields

the international exhibition area gathers many mainstream brands in the global glass industry, such as lisetz, which will not cause false structures, Glaston, sippnet, Vesuvius. Baichao glass (Germany) showed the production solution of Baichao TPS insulating glass. German komelin company showed the application of the new generation komelin 4sg warm edge sealing system in the field of insulating glass doors and windows and building curtain walls. Norbert Schott, head of the technical department of German Keru computer Merlin company and global director of Ig Fuller, said that compared with the traditional tank aluminum hollow glass, the new sealing system has air tightness, water resistance and automatic production, flexible design, beautiful appearance, outstanding advantages in processing and large size

domestic companies focus on displaying green and low-energy innovative products. For example, China Glass Holdings showed innovative products and new energy in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, including sun-e and sun-r series energy-saving coated glass products, UV resistant ultra white glass, offline high transparency double silver low emission coated glass. As another example, Shanghai yaopi shows low emission coated glass, automotive glass and building energy-saving hollow glass

how is it possible to operate and switch with unknown results as conditions? Therefore, in practice, Yu Zhen, director of the high performance building research and design center of China National Academy of architecture, said that the latest release of the "technical standard for near zero energy consumption buildings" defines zero energy consumption buildings, near zero energy consumption buildings, ultra definition low energy consumption buildings in the form of national standards for the first time, clearly defines indoor environmental parameters, building energy consumption indicators, technical performance indicators, etc., and promotes China's building energy conservation and emission reduction, It improves the indoor environment level of buildings, adjusts the structure of building energy consumption, and promotes construction. The transformation and upgrading of energy-saving industry plays an important role

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