Analysis of the hottest ink market in the world

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Analysis of the world ink market

at present, the global ink industry continues to grow. Large international companies have used various methods such as joint venture, cooperation and acquisition, which are not easy to damage and purchase, to expand internationally. Many international companies have declined in the domestic market. PCU sleeves and pedicle screws are formed, but they have developed in China and the Asia Pacific. The enterprises with annual sales of more than 1billion US dollars of global ink in 2003 include: big Japan ink/Sun overview plastic mechanical property inspection related standard chemistry of 4.4 billion US dollars, Japan flint ink of 1.4 billion US dollars, Japan Toyo ink of 1 billion US dollars; Annual sales of more than $300million include: German BASF $762million, Japan sakatainx $742million, Switzerland sikaba $725million, Japan Tokyo printing ink $454million, Germany hubergroup $380million, Japan sikwell $380million, Japan intecinc $360million, etc

in order to occupy a larger market share, major international ink companies have developed many new ink varieties in recent years: such as sheet fed process ink, thermosetting web offset printing ink, industrial inkjet products (continuous inkjet CIJ, DOD dripping on demand), conductive ink (with factories in Beijing), tissue flexographic ink, newspaper flexographic ink (photosensitive resin version), alcohol soluble intaglio printing ink, anhydrous soybean oil offset printing (environmental protection) ink and other new inks. The development of ink has the following driving forces:

1. Technological progress, the production of new materials and new processes promote the development of ink, such as jet ink, which has developed rapidly in recent years

2. The promotion of the market, people's new demand, or fierce market competition promote the progress of ink. In China, there is more price competition for products of the same type and grade

3. with the promotion of environmental protection laws and regulations, there are no perfect laws and regulations on printing ink in China, but there are regulatory restrictions on the content of heavy metals, residual solvents in packaging, and other VOC limit standards in other related aspects such as food packaging. It can be predicted that the corresponding laws and regulations will be formulated and promulgated soon

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