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Glass enterprises accelerate the pace of internationalization and break through the difficulties of the machinery industry

the domestic glass machinery industry has developed rapidly, which has driven the demand for open sets of wear and tear parts of glass machinery matching software to a considerable extent in recent years. The rapid development of automobile industry makes the glass machinery industry more prosperous. The domestic market of low-grade CNC glass machinery supporting wear and tear products is basically occupied by domestic products, and the market competition of high-grade CNC glass machinery supporting wear and tear products is also increasingly fierce

glass machinery accessory wear and tear products are always labeled artificially. The imported ones are of better quality than the domestic ones, and the imported ones should be more expensive than the domestic ones. The reason for this difference is related to the quality of the products. Domestic CNC glass machinery supporting wear and tear parts can basically meet the supporting needs of mid-range glass edging machines, but there is still a big gap between the supporting wear and tear parts of some high-end glass edging machines and foreign countries. The first big gap lies in the lack of all supporting production capacity and the skill transformation ability of the enterprise itself. Due to the sharp increase in market orders, the development of new products has been affected. Due to the higher upper limit temperature, most professional enterprises should pay more attention to the research and development of skill reserve products and deal with the opposition between order products and new product development when ensuring many market orders. We should not only protect the current market, but also pay attention to the rapid development of future market competitiveness

with the rapid development of the national economy, the revitalization of supporting processing industry, the upgrading of all processing skills and the increasing demand for national defense modernization, driven by the rapid growth of fixed property investment, our national glass machinery supporting wear and tear parts market shows a trend of booming production and demand. Glass machinery believes that in recent years, the competition in the middle and low-end areas of the glass machinery industry has been fierce. Through the rapid development of the three closed-loop control end areas of high realization, deformation and displacement, the enterprise seeks a breakthrough, promotes the connection of resources, and improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise from the aspects of technology, brand and so on

to sum up, in order to accelerate the internationalization of enterprises, relying on brand value and skills, through technical cooperation, research and develop some new equipment to complement each other's advantages. Analysis shows that our national glass machinery industry is facing a situation of large but not strong. Our national glass processing industry now ranks first in the world in terms of output, with overcapacity, weak foundation and low product quality

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