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Analysis of green packaging design

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green packaging design is a packaging design process with environment and resources as the core concept. Specifically, it refers to the selection of appropriate green packaging materials and the use of green technology to carry out structural modeling and beautification and decoration design for packaged goods. Next, we will discuss the four elements of green packaging design - materials, shape, composition and technology. Today, China paper industry takes you into the discussion of packaging and printing, and introduces the relevant contents in detail

material elements

material elements include basic materials (paper materials, plastic materials, glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials and other composite materials) and auxiliary materials (adhesives, coatings and inks, etc.). They are the material basis for the realization of the three major functions of packaging (Protection, convenience and sales), and are directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging Production and processing methods and the recycling and disposal of packaging waste

the selection of materials in green packaging design should follow the following principles

(1) lightweight, thin, easy to separate, high-performance packaging materials

(2) recyclable and renewable packaging materials

(3) edible packaging materials

(4) degradable packaging materials

(5) packaging materials with natural ecological properties developed by using natural resources

experimental can be widely applied to rubber, canvas, aviation, wires, plastics, etc. (6) try to choose paper packaging

shape elements

the shape of packaging is a major aspect of packaging design. Shape elements include the size and shape of the packaging display surface. If the shape design is reasonable, it can save packaging materials, reduce packaging costs and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. When considering the shape elements of packaging design, we should give priority to those geometries that save raw materials. Among various geometries, if the volume is the same, the surface area of the spherical body is the smallest; For prism, the surface area of cube is smaller than that of cuboid; For a cylinder, its surface area is the smallest when its height is equal to the diameter of the bottom circle

excellent packaging shape design should follow the following principles

(1) make full use of the formal beauty principle of commodity appearance elements in combination with the characteristics of the product itself

(2) adapt to market demand, carry out accurate market positioning, and create brand personality

(3) we should take "light and thin. At present, the original innovation ability of China's new materials is insufficient, short and small" as the standard, and put an end to excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and useless packaging

(4) draw inspiration from nature and innovate the design of packaging shape with simulation

(5) fully consider environmental and ergonomic elements

(6) actively use new processes and materials for modern packaging shape design

(7) vigorously develop the shape design of serial packaging

composition elements

composition is the process of combining and arranging trademarks, graphics, words, colors and some symbols on the display surface of commodity packaging to form a complete picture. In terms of composition elements, more emphasis should be placed on green and environmental information to make it a mainstream design

1. Trademark design

trademark design is highly valued by the design and business circles because of its highly concise graphics, rich meaning and decisive role in business

in the process of trademark design, various factors such as enterprise, product, technology and environment should be comprehensively considered and analyzed. The characteristics of trademarks are determined by their functions and forms. It should express the rich information in a simpler and more general form in a relatively small space, and ensure that the observer can understand its internal meaning in a short time

trademarks are generally divided into text trademarks, graphic trademarks and combined trademarks. The following points need to be considered in trademark design

(1) the layout of the trademark on the package should be large enough and the position should be very obvious

(2) the trademark should have original ideas and shapes

(3) relevant provisions of the Trademark Law shall be followed

(4) the trademark should have a unique personality, easy for the public to recognize and remember, and can leave a deep impression

(5) the trademark should have a sense of the times

(6) the trademark must also use this rule to avoid unnecessary changes, which has timeliness, regionality and practicality

2. Graphic design

as the language of design, graphics is to convey the internal and external components to consumers in the form of visual images

the dialectical unity of content and form is the general law that graphic design should follow. In the design process, according to the needs of graphic content, select the corresponding graphic expression techniques to make graphic design achieve the unity of form and content

the following points should be considered in graphic design

(1) it should be rich in national cultural characteristics. Graphics can convey certain ideas, and attention should be paid to the different customs and habits of different regions, countries and nations

(2) graphic design must grasp the main features and pay attention to the details of key parts

(3) graphics should have distinct and unique visual effects, be concise and varied, and be complex but not cumbersome; Simple and vivid, rich, complex and simple, perfect

(4) pay attention to adapt to consumption objects of different gender and age

3. Color design

color is the first visual experience obtained from Yuanguan packaging. The survey shows that the customer's feeling of the product is first color, and then shape. Within 20 seconds of the customer's initial contact with the product, the color feedback is 80%, and the shape feedback is 20%. Another rule also shows that shoppers observe each commodity for about 0.25 seconds, which determines whether consumers will change from unintentional to intentional, and then generate curiosity and purchase desire. Therefore, commodity packaging must be "color" to win people

different commodities have different characteristics and attributes. Designers should study the habits and hobbies of consumers and the changing trends of international and domestic popular colors, and constantly enhance the awareness of color sociology and consumer psychology

color design should meet the following requirements

(1) color should have eye-catching visual recognition

(2) color should fully symbolize the content of goods

(3) color design should be more and more carefully coordinated with other new information industries and industries such as new energy, biomedicine, electronic information, construction, transportation, etc

(4) the color of commodity packaging can be accepted by its consumer layer

(5) color design should conform to the hobbies and habits of color in different sales regions

(6) the color design should be consistent with the texture and texture of the packaging materials used

4. Text design

the trademark, product name, explanatory text, advertising text and text information such as manufacturer, company or distribution unit on the commodity package reflect the essential content of the package. When designing packaging, these words must be considered as a part of the overall packaging design

the key points of text design on the package are as follows

(1) the text content is concise, true, vivid, easy to read and remember

(2) the character design should reflect the attribute characteristics of the package contents

(3) the layout of words and the overall design style of packaging should be harmonious

(4) the character design should be contemporary, recognizable and regional

5. Symbol design

in addition to the above four elements, packaging composition also uses some other symbols. Some are about transportation, such as moisture-proof, shockproof, inversion proof, waterproof and other storage and transportation signs; Some are about using safety, such as safety signs; Some are about commodity categories, such as green environmental signs, recyclable signs, etc; There are also those that facilitate the identification and circulation of commodities, such as bar codes

symbol design can be considered from the following aspects

(1) the printing size should comply with national standards. For example, when printing bar codes, it should be within the basic size (37.29mm × 26.26mm) in the range of 0.80-2.09 times magnification or reduction

(2) the color of various symbols should comply with national standards and be consistent with the overall design style

(3) for different packages, the positions of various symbols are also different. It is necessary to consult relevant materials to be safe

technical elements

in order to truly achieve the standard of green packaging, it is not perfect to rely on the above four points alone, and green packaging technology is also needed as a supplement. The technical elements mentioned here include equipment, process, energy and technology used in packaging design. The so-called green technology refers to the technical system that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution or improve the ecosystem

the technical elements of green packaging design include the following points

(1) processing equipment and energy used should be beneficial to environmental protection and do not produce gas, liquid, light, heat, taste, etc. that are harmful to the environment

(2) the production process and production process have no pollution to the environment

(3) use equipment with low energy consumption

(4) the processing process does not produce toxic and harmful intermediates

(5) strengthen the research of removable packaging design, so that consumers can easily disassemble packaging according to environmental protection requirements

(6) strengthen green additives

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