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Glass doors and windows are affected by the regulation of the property market, and the worrying situation needs to be solved urgently.

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development established an inter ministerial coordination mechanism for the promotion and application of green building materials, and selected energy-saving glass, ceramic thin bricks, water-saving sanitary ware, high-performance concrete, etc. as priority varieties. However, at present, in the home decoration market, the sales volume of "energy-saving glass" is significantly lower than that of ordinary glass. Why is "energy-saving glass" in the cold? The reason is related to the current market environment and the quality of the product itself

strengthening the regulation and control of the real estate market

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recently, with the successive introduction of the government's real estate market regulation policies, the real estate market is facing a series of adverse factors such as the economic downturn and the tightening of housing loans. The transaction volume of the real estate market in many cities in China has fallen sharply, and the wait-and-see mood of home buyers has increased unabated. "Energy saving glass" belongs to the home decoration industry of the downstream industry of the real estate industry chain, which is naturally also implicated

according to statistics, since February, the new opening sales rate in Shenzhen is generally below 60%. Although there was a brief recovery in March, the sales rate failed to exceed 80%. In recent weeks, due to the increased wait-and-see mood of home buyers, the opening sales rate continued to decline, and most projects did not even exceed 40%. The number of people who buy houses decreases, and of course, the number of people who decorate them also decreases

although it has already entered the peak decoration season this year, compared with previous years, the whole home decoration market is still relatively cold, 1 When clamping the jaws, some home decoration glass doors and windows stores are even more deserted. "The market is not very good this year. The passenger flow in our store has decreased by twoorthree percent, and most of the guests who come here just look at it and don't buy it." A glass door and window merchant said

the promotion of energy-saving glass is insufficient, and consumers still have doubts

China is a large energy consumer. At present, the main sources of energy consumption are building energy consumption, industrial energy consumption and transportation energy consumption. Among them, the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for 30% - 40% of the building energy consumption. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in building energy conservation, you must first do a good job in energy conservation of glass

"I've heard of energy-saving lamps and energy-saving glasses for the first time!" Mr. Li, who is preparing to decorate his new house, said, "basically, he will not consider using this kind of glass unless he really experiences its effect."

the author then walked into a home decoration door and window store in Haizhu District and asked whether there was energy-saving glass. The salesperson told the author that "there is no energy-saving glass.". But when the author asked again whether there were other insulating glass or heat absorbing glass for sale, the salesperson replied that they were all available

in fact, insulating glass and heat absorbing glass belong to energy-saving glass. So why don't even some professional home decoration door and window stores know much about the concept of "energy-saving glass"? It can be seen that the promotion of energy-saving glass is still very limited. Although relevant departments advocate that citizens choose more energy-saving glass, it is difficult to really stimulate the energy-saving glass market without actively changing the publicity methods and strengthening the publicity

in fact, the so-called energy-saving glass refers to glass products with heat preservation and insulation properties. At present, there are many kinds of energy-saving glass used in the construction industry. According to their dominant effects, they can be roughly divided into heat absorbing glass, heat reflecting glass, low radiation glass, insulating glass and vacuum glass. These glasses have special absorption, transmission and reflection capabilities of light and heat, so they can reduce the power consumption of air conditioning and heating in residential and office buildings that need energy-saving transformation, so as to save energy

however, due to the vast territory of China and the great difference in temperature between the north and the south, consumers should also select building materials according to the local actual situation. For example, in the material selection of door and window glass, the northern region should choose the one with better thermal insulation performance than the leading enterprise in China's graphene industry, while the southern region should choose the one with better thermal insulation performance

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