The hottest glass enterprise market in South China

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The market situation of glass enterprises in South China

in 2016, the new construction and sales market of real estate significantly recovered, the investment continued and the corresponding experimental results rebounded, the construction area and the real growth opportunity ratio of the new material sector also increased slowly, and the demand for glass in real estate is expected to increase steadily by 2020. May is the small peak season of the deep processing market, and the traditional peak season in the second half of the year is expected to have a good performance. At present, most glass deep-processing enterprises have sufficient orders, busy production and strong demand. At present, the inventory of glass society is generally at a low level, and the inventory of float enterprises has been significantly reduced. Therefore, driven by the downstream rigid demand, the South China market has the conditions to rise slightly

in recent years, all float enterprises have invested heavily in the construction and operation of environmental protection facilities such as desulfurization and denitration, and the production cost of glass has risen sharply. At present, the price of the original film is actually unprofitable and cannot be reduced. In view of this, in order to maintain the survival and development of the industry, the meeting decided that from now on, all float enterprises in South China will increase the price of the original film by 2 yuan/weight box. Guangdong Glass Industry Association expects all float enterprises in South China to further enhance confidence, strengthen communication and coordination, jointly maintain the normal order of the South China market, and jointly strive for the reasonable benefits of our enterprises and industries

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