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The glass equipment industry needs to strengthen innovation, and there is a long way to go.

a friend in the glass industry introduced that a glass enterprise in a certain place has launched a new Low-E glass production line, using foreign company design and imported equipment. Unfortunately, because this foreign company is not professional and patchwork, the new production line of Hebei enterprise can not produce qualified products for nearly half a year, and the enterprise has suffered severe losses. From this incident, we can feel a lot. First of all, we can't blame the psychological state of Chongyang at the end of 1035. Although we have called for many years to get rid of the worship of foreign things, because the reality is that there is a gap between us and foreign predecessors in some fields, so we have to introduce or import foreign technology and equipment

the achievements of China's glass industry since the reform and opening up are not only reflected in the rapid expansion of scale, but also in the quality of goods. At the same time, Luoyang float glass technology and other processing technology and technology, equipment and other aspects have also been significantly improved. However, there is a resonance that our industrial innovation still has a long way to go

industrial innovation is indeed a difficult thing in the face of this impetuous and economic market environment. Whether it is the innovation of process, technology or equipment, it needs a continuous process that can stand loneliness. The main body of industrial innovation is enterprises. Although the current domestic glass industry environment is not very mature and ideal, we still hope that such leading enterprises can emerge in the domestic glass industry as soon as possible. Otherwise, we can only repeat the old road of continuous introduction and always be restrained by others, so it will be difficult to realize the dream of strengthening the glass industry

objectively speaking, in recent years, we have also exported some general contracting projects, including the whole float glass line, and processing glass equipment, which plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. However, these projects and equipment are very mature in the world. The float glass line project mainly relies on our Luoyang float glass technology, and the exported equipment is also some conventional equipment. At present, most of the coating technology, ultra white glass technology and photovoltaic glass technology used at home are imported technology, and most of the related equipment is better than the traditional displacement maintenance method. The processes, technologies and equipment involved in glass products with higher production efficiency, lower production costs, high added value and promising market prospects still need to be introduced and imported, from which we can see that domestic industrial innovation is still a long way to go

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