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According to the law of the glass industry, it seems that the explosion-proof film market also needs to hibernate in autumn and winter every year. The number of car owners who apply the film has decreased, and many manufacturers have also stopped, starting to accumulate strength for market development in the coming year. However, science shows that cars need film more in autumn and winter than in spring and summer. When compared with AMG3 in Germany, the sales data of the automobile market also shows that the film market potential in autumn and winter is actually greater

first of all, the important function of explosion-proof membrane is to block ultraviolet rays in the sun. A good explosion-proof membrane can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays in the sun. After the quality assurance period in most parts of the country, the weather in autumn and winter is mainly sunny, with few clouds, and the UV intensity is often greater in spring and summer. It is understood that ultraviolet rays are divided into long wave, medium wave and short wave. Among them, long wave has strong penetration and can transmit under human dermal tissue. To a large extent, it determines the use of this kind of plastic and rubber, which severely damages bone collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in skin relaxation, wrinkles and microvascular emergence, It will also focus on the investigation and research of carbon fiber materials in Chery New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd (Wuhu skin is dim and lusterless, making the skin dark. Dermal cells have poor self-protection ability, and a small amount of long waves can cause great damage, while more than 95% of the ultraviolet rays exposed to the skin every day are long waves, so it is the most harmful to the skin.

in addition, medium waves will oxidize the protective lipid layer of the epidermis, dry the skin, and accelerate skin aging. Further, they will denature nucleic acids and proteins in epidermal cells, Produce acute dermatitis (i.e. sunburn) and other symptoms, and when serious, it is also easy to cause skin cancer. Although the medium wave is easily blocked by clouds and other coverings, and its penetration is worse than that of the long wave, Guangdong, which has a majority of sunny weather, also has to pay attention to it. At the same time, the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight is also the main reason for the fading damage of the car interior, leather, fabric and so on

secondly, in autumn and winter, with the decrease of temperature, especially the large temperature difference between cold and hot in the morning and evening, which even reaches 30 ℃ in some places, the glass is easy to break when it is slightly squeezed by extreme weather, which is very dangerous in the process of high-speed driving. The car with high-quality explosion-proof film can firmly stick the glass fragments when the glass is broken, so that it will not splash and cause harm to the passengers

in the consumption concept of car owners, it has become the basic consensus of car owners that new cars need to be coated. As a market that pays attention to increment, manufacturers must guide the consumption concept of car owners and make cars be coated with explosion-proof film in the heat of driving new cars. Years of research on automobile sales data shows that the automobile sales in the second half of the year are much higher than that in the first half, and the automobile sales in the second half often account for about 60% of the whole year. In 2007, China's automobile sales exceeded 8million, reaching 879. 150000 vehicles. Although the growth rate of car sales in 2008 will slow down due to various factors, it will not be lower than 879 in 2007. Data of 150000 vehicles, while in the first half of the year, the total sales of passenger cars in China was only 360. 900000 people, with nearly 10000 sales space. The month of each year is the "golden nine and silver ten" of car sales, and due to the heat transfer and logistics restrictions during the Olympic Games in August, it will be released in August to further expand car sales in the second half of the year. The recent decline in international oil prices is also good news for car consumption. Various signs indicate that a new round of automobile sales peak will be brought in this month, and the explosion-proof film market will also usher in huge potential growth space

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