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The third generation of glass dog glass lock was held in Guangzhou Construction Expo

the long-awaited "the 19th China International Architectural Decoration Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou" was grandly held in the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall on July 8! The glass dog team and agents from all regions of the country jointly appeared at the exhibition site. The degree of attention is shocking, which really makes people affirm the glass dog in their hearts. As one of the leading brands in the glass lock industry, the glass dog is "threatening". Although it is only the leader of the exhibition, the exhibition hall is crowded and the atmosphere is high, and it has completely become a popular star of the exhibition

it is reported that on the eve of the exhibition, all members of the glass dog family have held a series of symposiums with Huangpu village, a characteristic urban village in Guangzhou, to prepare for the exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition is to present the world with the fullest state, and to exchange the hearts of children for the hearts of the world

then at dawn on the 8th, employees prepared breakfast for all agents, and after eating, the troops went to the exhibition to welcome the long-awaited gorgeous stage. On the road to the exhibition hall, the classic blue of glass dog is clear and eye-catching, which has become an extremely high turning back rate on the streets of Guangzhou. This is the rendering of corporate culture and the transmission of corporate spirit

new material industry as the basis for the development of manufacturing industry

after arriving at the exhibition hall, everyone actively cooperated with the exhibition staff, lined up in an orderly manner, and looked forward to seeing the dazzling and provocative glass dog exhibition hall after everyone's careful design and sweat layout

glass dog the theme color of glass dog, blue, was used in the decoration of the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall consists of a time tunnel composed of six gradual lines and a semicircle to expand the field of rare earth permanent magnet material utilization. "These six lines represent the" seriousness, persistence, effort, integrity, diligence and faith "of the glass dog respectively These six kinds of enterprise spirit, and the semicircle represents that the glass dog will continue to whip himself in the future, and strive to draw the remaining semicircle to remind himself to make things perfect

after the official start of the exhibition, glass dog first held a new product release introduction of Shandong new materials and chemical industry and the honor of glass dog's luxury customized "boss" clothes for agents across the country. This is a gift prepared by glass dog for each agent's hard work over the years. The "milk tea girl" was presented together with President Dai

after the meeting, everyone took their places and prepared to welcome the leading guests of the glass dog exhibition. With the rich event planning, the milk tea girl, the lovely cartoon doll of the glass dog, the graceful beauty front desk and other trumps appeared together, and the popularity of the scene was bursting

on July 8, glass dog performed extraordinary at the exhibition! Many city agents have been successfully signed in the exhibition. This is the glass dog! A glass dog that cannot be underestimated

on July 9, there will be the press conference of A1 automatic door linkage lock in the new field of glass dog. I believe that with such excellent results of the third generation, the photometric test of projection lighting lamps GB 7002 (6), and the A1 automatic door lock will certainly be extraordinary! Please visit smart home International Pavilion 2. Booth 59 to 60 in hall 1. Witness the shocking debut of A1

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