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Glass enterprises have entered the "post environmental protection era"

"now there is a great pressure on environmental protection. The Environmental Protection Bureau directly sends staff to stationed in various glass enterprises, requiring enterprises to install desulfurization and denitration devices to meet environmental protection requirements. If they do not meet the standards within the time limit, the consequences are very serious." When China Securities Journal recently went to the Shahe area of Hebei Province for research, the person in charge of a glass enterprise admitted to him

it is reported that at present, glass enterprises are facing great environmental protection pressure, but this pressure is gradually turning into cost support, which has boosted the efficiency of glass enterprises in upgrading the industrial structure. With the development of large-scale integrated circuits, superimposing the demand unaffected by the weather, the spot price of glass has been supported. However, for glass enterprises, it is still a relatively difficult period for enterprises, and many glass enterprises have turned their attention to glass futures to achieve "two legs in the future"

environmental protection pressure evolved into cost support

according to the air quality status of 74 cities nationwide in September and the third quarter of 2013 released by the Ministry of environmental protection, Hebei province accounted for 7 of the top 10 cities with the worst air quality, among which Xingtai City was in the forefront, and Shahe City in the glass enterprise collection was a county-level city in Xingtai

at present, glass enterprises are facing greater pressure on environmental protection, but this pressure is gradually turning into cost support. According to the survey, the sales of several delivery factories and warehouses in Shahe are OK, and the off-season is not light, and the spot price is still relatively strong. As the pace of transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry accelerates,

part of the reason is due to the positive release of "environmental protection pressure". First, the environmental protection policy has accelerated the upgrading of the glass industry structure, and many backward production capacity, especially the lattice production line, has been shut down, which is good for the supply side; Secondly, there is a demand for replacement of fuel devices in glass enterprises, and the fuel will shift from coal to gas to natural gas. At present, there are not a few glass enterprises using coal to gas, which will increase their costs; Third, the upstream quartz sand enterprises have also shut down and limited production under the background of stricter environmental protection, resulting in a shortage of raw material supply and rising prices

in addition, from the demand side, Guotai Junan analyst Zhang Chi pointed out that many glass processing enterprises have sprung up in Shahe region in recent years. This kind of glass deep processing industry is relatively less affected by weather, real estate and other factors. Moreover, products in deep processing are made of double or even three-layer glass, which has doubled the demand for glass in this direction compared with the past, which has become the price stabilizer of Shahe glass in the off-season. Even if the weather in the North turns colder in the future and the real estate demand further shrinks in winter, the inventory pressure of Shahe glass enterprises may be reduced compared with the same period in previous years due to the demand supplement of the glass deep processing industry. "Therefore, although the price of Shahe glass can pass the test of the" spheroidization rate "grid, although it will still be reduced in the off-season in the future, the lowest price of 5mm glass in the off-season is expected to fall by only about 100 yuan/ton, which is initially estimated to be around 1180 yuan/ton."

enterprises learn to walk on two legs

as an industry with overcapacity, glass enterprises have had a hard time in recent years with weak glass prices and weak demand. On the one hand, once the glass production line is started and ignited, it must be produced continuously, and the production capacity cannot be dynamically adjusted. The ceasefire and production reduction cost a lot. As a result, glass products are in short supply in the peak season (each month), and the price will be very high. In the off-season (December to march of the next year), the demand decreases, the inventory increases greatly, the price decreases significantly, and the product profit fluctuates greatly. On the other hand, the glass industry is an industry with overcapacity, with thin product profits, and enterprises are often in a state of loss in the off-season. Therefore, glass production enterprises need futures as a tool to escort production activities

as a result, some bold and open-minded enterprises have turned their attention to glass futures to realize the "two legged" walk. As a production enterprise, short selling is carried out in the peak season when the futures price is relatively high. By "selling" the products in the off-season through the futures market and buying a relatively high price, the losses of products after the off-season can be greatly recovered. In addition, after registering the warehouse receipt, the enterprise can also use the pledge function of the warehouse receipt to finance, so as to alleviate the capital pressure of the enterprise

"By participating in the futures market, our company has gained a lot of benefits. First, it is reflected in the economic level. Second, as a delivery factory and warehouse, the company has been publicized, and at the same time, the enterprise also has a more social sense. Finally, it has achieved the integration of industry and finance. We are a production enterprise, and our daily output is fixed, so we can't make dynamic adjustments, but our inventory can be dynamically adjusted. By observing the trend of the futures market, we can help to a certain extent Help us make inventory plans. " The relevant person in charge of bright industrial group Jiajing Glass Co., Ltd. said

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