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On March 14, 227 registered warehouse receipts of the first fg303 contract successfully matched for delivery, and the glass delivery process was officially launched. Futures learned that last Friday, Zheng Shangsuo issued a notice to adjust the warehouse of glass delivery plants

the notice said that the designated glass delivery plant of Shenzhen CSG Float Glass Co., Ltd. was disqualified, which was the fatigue test hangar. The standby delivery plant warehouse was activated, and Hebei Dejin Glass Co., Ltd. and Teng sample were broken, and the oil delivery valve was closed. Zhou Jinjing Glass Co., Ltd. was designated as the designated glass delivery plant warehouse

it is understood that Zheng Shangsuo will adjust the warehouse of the designated glass delivery plant, mainly based on the operation of glass futures since its listing, as well as the requirements of the recent notice documents of the CSRC

according to the relevant person in charge of Zheng Shangsuo, Shenzhen CSG Float Glass Co., Ltd. will not be able to normally carry out the relevant glass delivery business due to the imminent start of the relocation plan, so it took the initiative to give up the designated delivery plant warehouse. Asia's largest international rubber and plastic Exhibition opened in Guangzhou from May 20 to 23, 2015. Since then, Zheng Shangsuo has opened two spare delivery factory warehouses. "This fine-tuning can not only effectively resolve the impact of canceling the qualification of Shenzhen CSG Float Glass Co., Ltd. to designate delivery factories and warehouses on market psychology, maintain market stability, but also improve the ability to prevent delivery risks. In addition, it can also effectively expand the regional scope of participating customers."

it is reported that after the adjustment, there are 14 glass delivery factories designated by Zheng Shangsuo, including 4 in Hebei Province, 3 in Shandong Province, 2 in Jiangsu Province, 2 in Hubei Province, 1 in Hunan Province, 1 in Fujian Province and 1 in Guangdong Province. "Due to the seasonal supply law of northern glass enterprises and the high concentration of production capacity, northern glass enterprises have a high enthusiasm for participation." Huangguiliang, an analyst at China International Futures, said that the adjustment of the designated glass delivery plants and warehouses in the South and North China markets further optimized the market layout, making it easier for Northern glass enterprises to participate in glass hedging

at the same time, it is also noted that the notice also points out that Zheng Shangsuo will dynamically adjust the maximum amount of warehouse receipts it is allowed to register according to the actual situation of each designated glass delivery factory warehouse in the future, and will no longer publish them

in this regard, jiaoyonggang, a staff member of Shandong Jinjing Technology (600586), said that the trading volume was much higher than the warehouse receipt limit some time ago, and the maximum delivery volume allowed by each factory and warehouse was only 2-3 days' production capacity, which limited the glass enterprises' shipment with the help of the futures market. "The decision of dynamic adjustment in the Notice provides more favorable conditions for glass enterprises, so that enterprises can open their hands and rely on the future market to become bigger and stronger"

according to statistics, since 265 glass warehouse receipts were registered on February 27, they have increased to 858 as of last Friday, and the number of factories and warehouses registering warehouse receipts is also increasing. "This shows that the delivery factory has vigorously implemented the strategy of high-end products, and the warehouse has applied futures instruments to the spot industry." China Glass information operation director said. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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