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Industry analysis: why does Zhuzhou printing enterprise grow up

the packaging orders of Liling fireworks and ceramics, Qianjin Pharmaceutical (600479) products and other products that meet the requirements of the national standard gb/t228 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature" and other standards are basically taken away by foreign enterprises, and the remaining small part is competed by 200 local printing enterprises. On August 14, speaking of the current situation of the development of Zhuzhou printing enterprises, Zhou Shuiyang, chairman of Zhuzhou University of technology color printing Co., Ltd., looked helpless

the company has many top-notch printing equipment, and its printing technology (including three stages of prepress, printing and post printing) is first-class in Zhuzhou and even in the whole province. To Zhou Shuiyang's embarrassment, despite the long distance and high cost of printing in other places, a large number of printing and packaging businesses are still flowing out

more than 90% of printing enterprises lost money

in July, Zhou Shuiyang's company received an order to print drug instructions for Qianjin pharmaceutical

but this is only the skin of the company's product supporting printing business. According to Zhou Shuiyang's calculation, Qianjin pharmaceutical has a printing business worth more than 1 million yuan every year, including the printing of drug packaging boxes, instructions, etc., but Zhuzhou printing enterprises only get a 10% share

Zhuzhou Binsheng Printing Co., Ltd. is good at printing drug packaging boxes. Zhou Shuiyang dreams of joining forces with his strong forces to retain more local printing business

however, due to the fact that the printing plants of the two sides are not together and are rented, the conditions are simple, and the conditions for large-scale and refined operation cannot be reached, Zhou Shuiyang can only watch the business outflow

binjianxiong, chairman of Zhuzhou Binsheng power distribution panel components (contactors, buttons) live Printing Co., Ltd., also believes that Zhuzhou printing enterprises are independent, equipment is not matched, lack their own brands, and lack competitiveness compared with foreign printing enterprises

Zhuzhou "taste" magazine publishes more than 10000 copies every month. Since its inception, it has been printed in other places. The executive editor of the magazine ④ import replacement trend Yang Shuai said: I have never seen the publicity materials of Zhuzhou printing enterprises, and I don't know their business conditions. I always feel that the printing quality of Changsha, Shenzhen, Beijing axis, supply axis and dispensing agencies is good, so I have to work hard every month to go out of town

most of the 216 printing enterprises in the city maintain their operations by undertaking scattered printing businesses such as product manuals, enterprise leaflets, materials of units or enterprises

data show that in the first half of the year, the printing enterprises in the city achieved an output value of 138million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5%. Zhou Shuiyang said frankly that more than 90% of printing enterprises in Zhuzhou are in a state of loss

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