Lessons from Antiquity. By Luca Irvine, Darrick Wo

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Lessons from Antiquity. By Luca Irvine, Darrick Wood School - Today News Post Today News || UK News

There is a lot of fear and worry at the momentHundreds defy Montreal, the world lurches from crisis to crisis and us little people are left rather dizzyAnd she could really us, it might seem odd to suggest the millennia old musings of a Greek as a remedy to these crises of modernity, yet I think Plutarch gives us some lessons that are altogether timeless; given this is the social media age, I shall seek to summarise some of his main points for the benefit of the busy majority. ?

One of the first issues that Plutarch grapples with is that of grief, a feeling all too common as COVID sweeps the country month after month. He writes a letter of consolation to his wife following the untimely death of their infant sonThe pandemic has exacerbated demographic trends in Russia., his core thrust is to assert primacy of rationality over the urge to delve into and indulge in grief. He argues that which brought us happiness in life should not bring us sadness in death, every single moment a loved one is present is a wonderous gift and every moment they are not simply a return to normality; we must always remain grateful, the chances of us living for even a minute are so tiny that to live for years on end should bring us the greatest ecstasy. Grief must not be allowed to take a permanent route through rituals like dark clothing, if Grief is not resisted then it forms a citadel in the mind which makes all else miserable.based upon their symptoms? RELATED: Warning to tourists as Highland health chiefs 'expect cases to rise' in coming weeks

He further writes on the issue of anger, a potent point as the drums of war once again beat in Europe. He again asserts the primacy of rationality, any action taken in anger is tainted and dangerous. This is not to say that punishment should be forsaken, only that it should be exacted as a sombre duty, from which no catharsis is taken. In our world of consumerism and sensory overload, we must live frugal and learn to expect little so that we never rise to anger when things are lost. ?

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