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1、 Sofa must be comfortable

we spend most of our time in the living room at home, so the comfort of sofa directly affects our living experience. It is necessary to choose a comfortable sofa, not only for fashion and beauty, but also for practicality

second, add some color to your home

the collocation of home color can mobilize the warmth of a home. You can use many ways to increase color, such as furniture, technology, paint, floor, etc., but don't have too many colors, otherwise there will be no mainstream and lose style

third, use storage tools skillfully

in the face of messy desktops, wardrobes, drawers, everyone must feel upset and irritable. At this time, you should learn to use storage boxes, storage boxes and other storage tools to help you sort out bad scenes

IV. add some decorative lights

many times, just a lamp that fits the atmosphere can decorate our home with a warm, romantic and emotional tone

v. curtain selection is very important

in home fabric art, the area of curtains is large and plays a great role in the effect of the whole space, so the selection of curtains must be based on the style of the living room

VI. choose a set of integrated cabinets

for small apartment houses, if you don't use an integrated cabinet, or your cabinet is not environmentally friendly enough, then an integrated environmentally friendly cabinet will be the first choice

VII. Be careful when choosing wooden doors

the color and style of wooden doors can meet our expectations at the time of purchase, but its material, quality and other aspects are difficult for consumers to check, and are often easy to be fooled by professional salespeople

therefore, when selecting wooden doors, cabinets and other furniture, we must polish our eyes and choose the right brand. Tree life has always adhered to the business purpose of "quality is the life of an enterprise", and has always been pioneering and innovative in the pursuit of first-class brands. A medium and high-end integrated home customization company integrating R & D, production and sales, provides customers with complete and reliable intimate services, and helps customers pursue high-quality home life




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