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[Erica whole house customization] the open pattern breaks through the wall limitations of traditional decoration, transforms a single functional area into a multi-functional area, and releases the soul and space. Instead of trying every means to ensure the integrity of each independent space, it is better to incorporate open space design to open up the blocked vision! What's more, the closed and restrained home layout is obviously out of tune with your "free soul". The open pattern is the home of young people

transparent space, many areas have chosen open design, which simplifies the driving line between various areas, and the overall pattern has become more spacious, bright, comfortable and reasonable, with a straight rise in interest. For an open design that can see to the end, the rational division and harmonious coexistence of various functional areas is the primary task. For a larger and freer state, the following ingenious ideas are also needed

fully open balcony

the living room is no longer a narrow, closed rest and reception area, and the balcony is no longer a desolate block of debris, connecting the living room with the balcony and blurring the outdoor and indoor boundaries

the space area of the two parts is completed at one go, shortening the path from the living room to the balcony, making closer contact with the natural air and increasing the sense of visual penetration

the bedroom is connected to the living room

for small houses, if the bedroom is designed with closed doors, the space will appear crowded and narrow, and the lighting will be blocked

remove the separation between the walls, and design the living room and bedroom in the same space, so that the space range can be expanded, so that every inch of the bedroom can receive the baptism of sunlight

open "social kitchen"

life should be unrestrained, not limited to a fixed style, just like the design of an open kitchen. In the open kitchen space, dining is no longer the only activity, and flexibility and versatility have become the key words

the social kitchen with spacious vision and convenient interaction and communication is more suitable for the current popular leisure and fashionable lifestyle

open study field

the open study can use a small area to meet the basic learning and office needs, and open up an area in the living room or bedroom as a workspace

so that the originally independent area in the home can be visually extended to ensure the transparent design of the study space, and the whole home look will be spacious, comfortable and functional

independent and exclusive cloakroom

cloakroom can always be given a beautiful definition. In the home, there should be a space dedicated to the cloakroom

the open cloakroom, which can save space, has large storage space, strong mobility, good air mobility and daylighting, and it is easy to choose clothes at a glance

open design can also penetrate into home decoration from multiple angles. The open pattern of introducing more fashionable ideas is the lateral expression of your personality. Reorganize home decoration and start with "opening up"




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