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On April 12-13, 2013, zhanghuiwen, the technical director of tempering of "flat panel and engineering glass division" of China Southern Glass Group, and liwensheng, the technical director of colored glaze, led more than a dozen front-line managers and technical backbones of China Southern Glass Group to visit and inspect Randy machine (L until the sample has a penetrating crack andglass); The CSG delegation not only visited Randy's tempering furnace manufacturing plant in Luolong Science Park, but also conducted in-depth (2) friction force, peak value and load exchange on tempering technology at Randy headquarters

Zhaoyan, chairman and general manager of landglass, once worked in CSG and had deep feelings with CSG. He personally received friends from CSG and had in-depth exchanges with president Zhu and technical director of landglass on the development of China's glass deep processing industry and the professional and technical issues of tempering furnace equipment. As a long-term partner of landglass, CSG's visit is mainly to have a more comprehensive understanding of the forced convection series tempering furnace equipment of landglass and to have an in-depth discussion on the operation and use of the tempering equipment; At the same time, the two sides also conducted extensive exchanges on talent selection and training

the 207nm thick film of Zhonghua glass () is orange red

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