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Southern Telecom deployed a remote video collaboration system for the Department of housing and urban rural development of Yunnan Province. Emerging technologies such as remote video collaboration, cloud video, big data and artificial intelligence have been widely used in the field of government affairs. In the face of new forms and challenges, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Yunnan Province hopes to solve the communication problems caused by complex landform and inconvenient transportation through information means. Southern Telecom has the honor to help it complete the construction of remote video conference system covering 17 subordinate institutions in the province, so as to achieve efficient collaboration with the business departments at all levels of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Department of housing and urban rural development

not only remote video conference

relying on its rich experience and strong service capability in the field of video communication, southern Telecom not only provides audio and video services for provincial departments, but also provides suggestions from the perspective of video conference management and operation and maintenance, and has deployed a set of remote video cooperation system for them

intimate application to enhance the experience

industry leading audio experience: baolitong intelligent Liyin technology is used to provide simulated audio solutions for remote conference rooms, which can effectively solve the five disasters of echo, noise, howling, downtime and complex control, and achieve the conditions of eliminating howling noise, continuous meetings, image and leadership, and ensuring the high efficiency and normal operation of the hydraulic system of the material testing machine The effect of one person managing the whole meeting

flexible group meetings and unified light control: through the combination with Ruizhi conference management software, the provincial conference light control can be realized:

a. comprehensive conference management: the MCU of provincial departments and state (city) housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau supports conference reservation, conference management, venue switching, audio and video control of conferences and other functions

b. automatic cascading: when the whole meeting is convened, the MCU of the provincial department and the MCU of the state (city) housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau are cascaded automatically, and all the venue terminals are automatically connected to the corresponding MCU without manual designation

c. conference touch: through the touch operation of the conference panel, it is convenient to complete the convening of the whole conference and the control of the conference process, which is simple and easy to use

multiple backup and stable operation:

a. two high-definition terminals are configured in the main venue to ensure that one of the main venue switches to the standby terminal in case of failure, so as to ensure that the conference will not be interrupted for any reason and will be held stably

b. all MCUs in the province support MCU resource pool under the conference management system to realize mutual backup

deploy products

provincial department core computer room: deploy Polycom rmx1800 M. first, learn cu Polycom media suite recording and broadcasting server Ruizhi conference management system

provincial conference room: mainly deploy HD terminal group550, backup HD terminal group310, and intelligent voice platform Polycom soundstructure

States and cities: deploy Litong rmx1800 MCU and HD terminal group550 in the computer room

meeting rooms of all districts and counties: HD terminal group310 is deployed for phase II project

use effect

at present, the equipment modification, tooling and mold design of the project are carried out at FGH systems' factory in Denville, New Jersey, realizing seamless connection with the video conference of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. The video conference system of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Yunnan province holds more than 20 major meetings every quarter, with stable operation and zero failure. The conference points of branches in the province are being further expanded and improved

Southern Telecom skillfully integrates Internet + thinking into e-government and office work. If there is no response, the most likely thing is that the connection of power supply has been trusted by the majority of government agencies. We will not forget our original intention and keep our mission in mind, and will continue to become a powerful booster for government information technology

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