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According to Yonhap news agency, the Ministry of foreign affairs and trade of the Republic of Korea said on October 1 that it would review, collate and print the introduction to the Dokdo issue again. The book details the diplomatic war between the South Korean government and Japan over the disputed islands (Dokdo in South Korea and Takeshima in Japan) in the 1950s. The book believes that, Japan claimed sovereignty over Dokdo 60 years ago

it is reported that this book is one of the collections of diplomatic issues published by the administrative bureau of the Ministry of foreign affairs, the predecessor of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Korea, in 1955. The contents of the book include: ancient records of Dokdo; The process of plundering Dokdo in the Japanese colonial period; The historical investigation of Dokdo by South Korea; It records the actions of Japan's ISRI against Dokdo in the 1950s and the contradictions between the ROK and Japan over the sovereignty of Dokdo

it is reported that in May, 1953, when the second round of talks between South Korea and Japan was held, a Japanese aquatic experimental ship disappeared after patrolling the route near Dokdo. The Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs sent a diplomatic document to the ROK one month later, saying that the Korean fishing boats had violated Japan's territorial waters, and Takeshima (Japan said) was Japan's territory

three days later, the Korean government saw that the single column tensile testing machine was a common class 1 testing instrument when purchasing the hydraulic universal testing machine. It was not only judged by the appearance, but also sent a rebuttal document saying that Dokdo was part of the territory of South Korea. Subsequently, the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs sent another note to refute it. At the same time, a number of Japanese ships reappeared near Dokdo. The ROK representative office in Japan sent another note to protest to the Japanese government

it is reported that South Korea and Japan have also launched a diplomatic war on issues such as the issuance of Dokdo stamps and the setting up of Dokdo lighthouse

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