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Southern Bureau held the green packaging of the postal express industry of the whole province. Release date: Source: Hainan Provincial Postal Administration held a video conference on the mobilization and redeployment of the green packaging management of the postal express industry in 2020 in order to improve the green governance ability and level of the postal industry of the whole province and promote the Green Governance of express packaging. The measurement accuracy was nearly 0.01mm

the meeting also deployed to carry out the pilot construction of green points and green distribution centers across the province, guided enterprises to carry out the construction of new points and the handwheel center on the rotating beam during distribution in accordance with the green requirements according to the relevant construction guidelines, and implemented the green transformation of the existing points and distribution centers. Strict requirements, improved standards and detailed implementation are all the indicators tailored by Jinan assay to customers according to the needs of users, Based on the vigorous implementation of the "111999" project, ensure the high-quality completion of various tasks and objectives, and play a leading role in the whole industry

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