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Spak has joined the Federation of European Indian associations fespa

the Federation of European Indian associations fespa recently signed an agreement with the association of Korean Indian associations, officially accepting spak as a new member. The Korea India Association officially became a new member of fespa at the general meeting of fespa held in Athens on October2007

fespa has members all over Europe and Scandinavia, and also has many association members in Australia, China, India, Thailand and Japan

spak was established in 1983 and consists of 162 printers and 124 manufacturers and distributors in seven districts. These spak members will now be able to participate in the education, training and best practice development opportunities of their internal members through fespa

fespa will also benefit from the strong industrial chain of Korea's printing industry, and strengthen the information exchange on industrial technology development, new products, environmental rules and market development trends

spak chairman Dong rippark said: data less than this value will not be kept by the peak value. Our first participation in fespa was held in Amsterdam in 1984. Since then, we have organized to participate in every fespa exhibition. Now, as a member of fespa, it is easy to cause oil leakage. We are glad to introduce more members to fespa and provide more industry resources for the exhibition

Nigelsteffens, CEO of fespa, said: the Asia Pacific region is an important global printing and digital printing market. Fespa is trying to expand its contact and influence in the region through cooperation with its members

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