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At the 17th China Strait innovation project achievement fair, as the latest work of southeast automobile in the field of new energy, Southeast DX3 E500 also attracted a large number of guests and instigated the attention of the current experimental status by virtue of its profound "science and technology and environmental protection" model. Fujian, June 30 (chenlixia) recently, the Party committee of southeast Automobile Co., Ltd. held a working meeting on the theme of "never forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". The meeting stressed that Party organizations and Party cadres at all levels of the company should effectively unify their thoughts and actions with the requirements of the central department, the provincial Party committee and the group, adhere to building the party with ideas and strengthening the party with theories, p>

in recent years, in accordance with the decision and deployment of the Central Committee and the requirements of the Party group of the provincial Party committee and Fuzhou automobile group, the Party committee of southeast automobile has led party members, cadres and employees to perform their duties and act as expected, continuously strengthened the independent R & D and innovation of products and technologies, led the synchronous development of vehicle modeling innovation, new energy vehicles and car coupling technology, driven the future by science and technology, and made steady progress in the road of strengthening and optimizing the national automobile industry

aerial view of southeast automobile. At present, the whole world is in a new historical stage of digitalization, networking and intelligence, and the informatization and intelligence of industrial manufacturing have become the core of innovation and development. The "integration of industrialization and industrialization" with "informatization drives industrialization and industrialization promotes informatization" is accelerating the profound reform of production mode and development mode in an unprecedented breadth and depth, helping Chinese manufacturing enterprises to move towards a new road of industrialization

in the implementation of the innovation driven strategy, Southeast automobile, with the "integration of industrialization and industrialization management system" as the starting point, and with the vision of creating "the prospect of raising funds for investment projects of Chinese automobile brands is not the only questionable model of Xinxiang Chemical fiber", deeply promotes the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and vigorously promotes the intellectualization of production and products

between 2012 and 2017, Southeast automobile invested 150million yuan to carry out the intelligent workshop reconstruction project, comprehensively integrated all links involved in the production and supply chain, penetrated the coverage of intelligence, digitalization, networking and service into all fields, created a new information system for the whole process of rapid R & D, high-quality manufacturing and in-depth service, and realized a high degree of visualization, information and data of each production process

southeast automobile intelligent production workshop. At the same time, Fuqi Group actively integrates external resources, radiates and promotes the integration level of the supporting system, transforms and upgrades the entire industrial chain from traditional factories and automatic chemical plants to intelligent factories, and effectively promotes the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the automotive industry. A series of innovative practices have not only made southeast automobile a strong manufacturing enterprise, but also played a leading role in accelerating the transformation and upgrading of Fujian industry

in addition, supported by the technology gb/t 228 ⑵ 002 metal material room temperature tensile test method in the three major fields of automatic driving, intelligent coupling and intelligent interaction, Southeast automobile has built an intelligent automobile platform in stages to help owners transform from traditional automobile life to smart car life

in the field of automatic driving, the ADAS (advanced driving assistance system) independently developed by southeast automobile has basically reached the L3 level, realizing the progress from traditional driving to automatic driving, which has not only promoted the transformation of the pattern of Fujian automobile industry, but also helped other artificial intelligence industries to accelerate their running; In the field of smart link, the semi- III third generation multimedia touch smart link system independently developed by southeast automobile has completely upgraded five major projects, including system, hardware, human-computer interaction, cloud service and Internet operation; In the field of intelligent interaction, with the help of car couplets, cars are using each car as a node to participate in communication, communicating with road infrastructure, sharing information safely, and becoming an intelligent mobile terminal to replace mobile devices such as mobile devices

artificial intelligence + car service, which drives the transformation and upgrading of southeast automobile, not only makes southeast automobile products maintain advantages in intelligent service, but also makes the overall intelligent manufacturing level of southeast automobile ahead of its peers, bringing revolutionary car use experience to users, thus promoting the intelligent upgrading of Fujian automobile industry and achieving a win-win situation

southeast automobile new energy vehicle R & D capability improvement project. Fu Qi group provided drawings

accelerating the pace of R & D and consolidating the foundation of the new energy industry

as early as the new energy automobile industry was in the ascendant, Southeast automobile carried out strategic planning and layout, and accumulated rich experience in the R & D and production of pure electric vehicles and body lightweight. In recent years, Southeast automobile has been accelerating the research and development process of new energy

in April, 2018, the southeast automobile new energy vehicle R & D capability improvement construction project was officially started. The project construction content includes the comprehensive R & D and testing capabilities in the aspects of vehicle power, economy, engine performance, seismic resistance, power battery pack performance and environmental resistance, high-voltage electrical safety performance, etc., which provides high, precision Sharp and powerful guarantee

dx3 EV 400, an important model in the field of new energy launched in 2018, with its advanced three electric technology, outstanding high endurance capability and excellent NVH performance, won six individual Championships in the "first China new energy automobile competition" once it was launched, and finally won the recommended model of 2018 China new energy

in the field of new energy, Southeast automobile has made steady progress and achieved outstanding results. In 2019, the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 226% year-on-year. In addition, Southeast automobile is further exploring and researching the new energy forward-looking technology field, and launching the research and development of forward-looking technologies such as incremental electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells

in the future, Southeast automobile will continue to increase R & D investment in the field of pure electric and plug-in hybrid power, improve the overall strength of new energy through independent R & D, product layout and capacity improvement, and build a R & D system of special new energy platform, lightweight technology and vehicle system integration, so as to help the rapid development of the national new energy industry

adhere to innovation driven and implement catch-up development. Southeast automobile 5. The antibacterial modified engineering plastic vehicle will adhere to the action policy of being special, excellent and strong, adhere to independent innovation, continuously improve its core competitiveness, create higher quality, more intelligent and more cost-effective products, continue to create a more "intelligent" mobile life for consumers, and strive to become a model for cross-strait automotive industry cooperation. (end)

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