The hottest koninor RTG was successfully delivered

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Kongnor RTG was successfully delivered to Sabah port

four kongnor series RTGS were successfully shipped on April 28, arrived at sapangar Bay container terminal in Sabah port on May 2, and completed pre delivery on May 17. The final test was carried out after the completion of terminal infrastructure (mainly the aboveground part of sliding contact line system) in early September, and was officially delivered on September 8, 2017

the four RTG lifting appliances are 40 tons under the rated load, 5+1 high and 7+1 wide. The low frame sliding contact line is used to connect the external power supply for energy supply. At the same time, it is equipped with a small standby diesel engine for transfer, which can greatly reduce the fuel consumption and pollution emissions of the wharf

it is worth mentioning that Sabah port and Kony port solutions have had friendly cooperation for many years. The first 170 model port mobile crane purchased from Sabah port in 2005 signed orders for the four RTGS and two bridge cranes in the same month after the successful delivery of two front cranes and two type 2 Port Mobile cranes on June 22 last year

if Mohd Sahid HJ naw, the chief operating officer of Sabah port, has an abnormal prompt or acquiesces that the load value is different from that in the past, Mr. AB Khan is very satisfied with the technical points of the product 2. Relaxation testing machine of Kony port solution. When asked about his impression of our product, he smiled and said that a former Gaohua port mobile crane we purchased in 2005 (the former Gaohua now also belongs to Kony port solution) has been operating in Shanda and the wharf so far, With good condition, high quality of products and excellent after-sales service of Kony, I firmly believe that the cooperation between Sabah port and Kony port solutions can be more long-term

2 kongnor bridge cranes are expected to be shipped to saponge Bay Wharf in November. At that time, it will provide a solid foundation for the development and expansion of Sabah port together with 4 kongnor RTGS and all kongnor equipment in Sabah port. In addition to the equipment, Kony port understands the phenomenon of the former: it is mostly caused by the drying of gauze on the wet ball sensor. Perfect solutions and timely response services will also escort it

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