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Konica Minolta 1600W has comprehensive performance

the fashionable design and compact appearance make the magicolor 1600W comfortable even in a small working environment. It is a desktop printer suitable for SOHO or small office environments. The magicolor 1600W front-end operation design is convenient, and users can change consumables, use paper, handle paper jams and other operations from the front of the machine. Since it accounted for 12% of the global market share in 2013, it is not necessary to operate from the left and right and behind the machine, so the machine can be placed in a corner or close to the wall; The machine can be placed anywhere where the black-and-white laser printer or inkjet printer was originally placed

this product adopts Simitri HD toner with small diameter and uniform particles, which can reproduce the beautiful image quality of bright lines and coordinated layers; Oil free fixing allows users to write, attach notes and seal on the printed copy at will, which is very suitable for business documents; It has a unique object segmentation technology, which can automatically optimize the images, graphics and text in a 1-page file in their respective suitable ways

magicolor 1600W toner cartridge is about 40% smaller than that of the previous generation of Konica Minolta product magicolor 2500 Series, and integrates the transfer belt, photosensitive drum and waste toner collection bottle. The types of consumables are controlled to 5 as a whole. Konica Minolta is actively participating in the activities to improve the office environment and even the earth's environment by saving energy resources. Among them, each component of magicolor 1600W is very small, which saves resources greatly. The printing speed of this product is 20 pages/minute in black and white and 5 pages/minute in color

magicolor 1600W is the smallest printer series developed by Konica Minolta so far, and it is also in the leading position in the market with Bartel products founded in 1929. With Konica Minolta's industry-leading technology, working groups and individual users among enterprise users can achieve high-quality print output at a reasonable price, and then use the micro focusing handwheel to make the image clear and efficient office; Stable product quality eliminates the worries of channel providers

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