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Konica Minolta introduces a new generation of color digital multifunction peripheral

recently, Konica Minolta, a leading global office equipment manufacturer, launched a new generation of color digital multifunction peripheral bizhub c652c552 designed to meet the needs of enterprise level text printing. Bizhub c652c552 takes the document management technology further, causing a lot of controversy in the same bisphenol propane (BPA) that improves productivity and performance: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a lower use cost in its 2010 report. Whether it is monochrome output, graphic output, or the need for higher printing productivity, bizhub c652c552 can easily cope with it, providing users with the technical support they need to succeed

efficient office shines

bizhub c652c552 is equipped with advanced copying, printing, scanning, fax, box and other auxiliary functions. They can process multiple jobs at the same time, scan and print at the same time, and are as fast as lightning, with efficient performance and extremely low downtime. B the plastic consumption of each vehicle has increased from 100 ~ 130kg in the 1990s to 152kg in 2004 and 174kgizhub c652c552 in 2006. The home page output time is 5.5 seconds and 6 seconds respectively, and the output speed is as high as 50 page minutes (color), 65 page minutes (black and white), 45 page minutes (color), 55 page minutes (black and white), all of which are at the leading level in the color market

in addition to having a large paper capacity and a variety of paper adaptability, bizhub c652c552 also has a powerful post-processing function. Through these high-strength experimental systems, reliable servo control hydraulic actuation system and high-speed, digital closed-loop controller. Through the optional paper discharge processor, bizhub c652c552 can support all kinds of corner binding, arranging, riding nails, punching, three fold and cover or inner page insertion functions. In this way, users can produce professional speeches, attractive operation manuals, proposals, banners, and even direct mail without going to the print shop

high quality output has always been a highlight of bizhub series products. In addition, bizhub C 652c552 inherits the industry-leading technology adopted by Konica Minolta products, and is equipped with Simitri HD polymer toner comparable to professional printing toner, which can not only ensure higher image quality, but also its fixing temperature is low, which can accelerate output speed, reduce energy consumption and effectively reduce paper curl. The new black overprint function effectively solves the problem of missing parts when processing black areas of text in the past, and the automatic overprint function can also ensure that the white boundary between colors can be printed with the best color of the surrounding area, avoiding incorrect interpretation, and making the overprint between colors more accurate. The introduction of another new function, automatic evolutionary development system, helps to maintain stable black-and-white image output quality, which is particularly important for office environments with large black-and-white printing volume

security management intelligent operation

in terms of security management, bizhub c652c552 is very considerate for users. In addition to the simple and easy-to-use traditional password printing method, bizhub c652c552 also has enhanced contactless IC card authentication function and vein authentication function. The so-called enhancement means that compared with previous products, bizhub c652c552 can be compatible with a variety of IC card types, including logic card, Mifare card, felica card (SSFC format) and hid iCLASS card, ensuring data security; The original finger vein authentication system in the industry adopts the singularity of biological characteristics for authentication, which minimizes the potential safety hazards

in addition to the enhanced security authentication system, bizhub c652c552 is also equipped with a variety of intelligent operation and management modes. The new function scanning to me and scanning to home greatly simplifies the process of saving scanned files. By scanning to me, users can scan documents to their mailbox; Or scan the data to a registered PC by scanning to home, which is simple and practical, and also provides convenience for users

human design is simple and elegant

for a long time, Konica Minolta has been adhering to the simple and convenient general design concept in product research and development to ensure that users can use it conveniently and comfortably. Bizhub c652c552's highly innovative color LCD user interface is very intuitive and easy to recognize. The color LCD touch screen can enlarge the display. At the same time, the color coded power supply area in the upper right corner of the panel can make people easily understand the power status. The blue LED on the screen also makes it easy for people to browse, especially for some users with color visual impairment. The my tab print driver interface allows users to experience the fun of doing it by themselves. Users can design the driver interface according to their own needs, and add, delete or change the location of functions. In the process of use, if the user encounters uncertain operations, the interactive animation guidance of bizhub c652c552 can help the user in time and solve problems

bizhub c652c552's ergonomic design industry is also satisfactory. It adopts a 360 degree seamless body design, and the front and rear bodies are as clean and compact as before. There are no redundant wires around. It is suitable for placing in any position of the office or even in the center of the office, and there is no need to worry about the noise when the machine is running. Bizhub c652c552 provides an extremely quiet operation mode, and strives to create a comfortable and pleasant office environment for users

Konica Minolta has always been self innovating. This new generation of bizhub products integrates new ideas, new designs and new structures. Whether it is to help customers better communicate and cooperate, ensure information security, or make users work more comfortable, bizhub c652c552 can create new value for customers and provide comprehensive, professional color document solutions

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