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Konica Minolta sensing of Japan has developed a spectrophotometer cm-512m3a, which is also convenient for use in China, and will be launched in August The lifting guide wheel was launched in August. The product is equipped with the function of switching the display of simplified Chinese characters. It is suitable for coating, resin, fiber. Although the optical properties of the material are the most important, the wettability and permeability of the material are extremely important to protect the tear film on the cornea and the health of the eyes. Drugs and cosmetics require 2. The number of samples is 3, and the color measurement and management are required

this spectrophotometer is a multi angle type that can be measured simultaneously from 25, 45 and 75 angles at one time. Therefore, smart energy began to develop high nickel 811 battery products in 2014. Products with color changing with angle, such as metal coating, can also be measured. In addition, the ring illumination mode is adopted, which can irradiate light from 18 directions forming a ring to each angle, so as to reduce the rotation amplitude (rotation deviation) of the measuring device. Therefore, it can stably measure products with curved surfaces such as automobile bodies

at present, there is a need to strengthen color management to improve product quality in China's manufacturing sites. Konica Minolta is optimistic about the increasing trend of this demand. It is assumed that the actual selling price is 2million yen, which is the same as the original product

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