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Konica Minolta launched a new product of bizhub production color digital printing

Konica Minolta office system (China) Co., Ltd. launched a new digital printing brand bizhub press in China at the beginning of the year, and once again strongly launched its new member of production color digital printing bizhub press c70hc. This product is famous for its bright and extreme color expressiveness. For the first time, it uses high chroma polymer toner. The more distinctive hue brings strong visual impact. With its wide color gamut, it can restore the true colors like offset printing and close to sRGB. It not only gives users in the photography industry, design industry and fast printing industry more choices, but also meets the high needs of users in proofing, publishing and printing industry, At the same time, it also greatly broadens the application field of color on-demand printing

spot color experience brings perfect color enjoyment.

bizhub press c70hc production color digital printing system adopts color correction technology and high-precision image processing technology with the same performance as bizhub press c7000. High precision image technology combines the leading edge technology of digital image processing, which can provide excellent color levels, stable and consistent colors and clear text. At the same time, the high-precision IDC sensor ensures the stable output of color. CMYK reproduces the true color of offset printing effect, and even RGB images can perform naturally and well. Maintain good color reproduction within the engine color gamut; When the engine color gamut is exceeded, the most appropriate hue can be automatically adjusted and selected. Bizhub pressin 2009, C7 reached the goal of avoiding two shocks. 0hc uses high chromaticity polymer toner, which has a color gamut comparable to sRGB, and its spot color reproduction ability, so that the output has a clearer hue, which brings great visual impact to users

the new bizhub press c70hc, as a new member of Konica Minolta bizhub press production digital printing system, has excellent performance in terms of productivity, image quality, equipment durability, flexibility and so on. The perfect color expressiveness of this new product is bound to meet users' more stringent color printing needs, so as to create higher economic benefits for users

fast and accurate, creating perfect double-sided positioning

bizhub press c70hc's color and black-and-white print output speed is as high as 71 pages per minute. More importantly, the color output resolution of bizhub press c70hc can be equivalent to 3600dpi 1200dpi, and it has 1200dpi 8bit data processing capacity, which further meets the demanding printing requirements of users. The use of polymer composites in the field of wind energy is growing

bizhub press c70hc has high-precision front and back alignment function, and can make high-quality brochures and brochures. Multiple sensors will detect the paper position and alignment shift during printing. Any deviation detected can be accurately corrected through the control panel. In addition, bizhub press c70hc also has many functions, such as multi sheet paper detection, dehumidification and heating, air assisted paper feeding, and so on, which further helps users achieve exquisite binding effects

customized on demand, to create the most suitable production-oriented color digital printing system for you

bizhub press c70hc excellent and flexible scalable combination design can provide users with the most suitable components to meet the needs of high-speed, high-quality printing, processing and binding, and maximize work efficiency when performing complex operations

equipped with a large capacity paper supply library, the equipment can accommodate up to 7500 sheets of paper, which can minimize the downtime and loading time. The operator can add paper without downtime, and has a wide range of paper compatibility to realize easy printing. At the same time, the paper discharge processing system of bizhub press c70hc can be connected not only to the basic paper discharge processor, but also to professional processors, such as glue binding, saddle binding, multi-functional folding punching and other components. Multiple choices to fully meet the different printing needs of different users

in addition to the excellent and flexible scalable combination design, bizhub press c70hc also has a variety of humanized designs. The bright color LCD can control the touch screen, which is convenient for users to easily manage the operation of the device; The launch of new products will not only inject vitality into the production-oriented color digital printing market, but also become the first choice for enterprises with high requirements for color expressiveness

as another masterpiece of Konica Meineng's color digital printing system, bizhub press c70hc is equipped with many practical, rich and advanced functions while having bright and extreme color expressiveness, high speed and professional quality. China's production-oriented color digital printing market has unlimited potential. At this time, Konica Minolta will launch the new product bizhub press c70hc again, which also fully shows that Konica Minolta will continue to enrich the product line of color digital printing, which will have very serious consequences, such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the piston surface, and fully expand the confidence and determination in this field

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