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Konica Minolta China company actively engaged in social charity and public welfare undertakings in a civilized professional field. With such a strong sense of corporate society, the Chinese and Japanese employees of Konica Minolta office system (China) Co., Ltd. carefully prepared a batch of rehabilitation equipment and environmental protection theme posters to pay a return visit to Nanyang school in Jing'an District, Shanghai. Since 2007, Konica Minolta and Konica Minolta have carried out a charity activity to welcome the colorful future together with Konica Minolta for secondary schools. In line with this year's environmental protection theme, Konica Minolta cares for special children in a unique way and practical actions, and shares the fun of environmental stripping strength testing machine with everyone

Nanyang school in Jing'an District of Shanghai is a free 9-year compulsory education special school for children with intellectual disabilities and children with multiple disabilities such as cerebral palsy and autism. Although students are different from ordinary people in intelligence and communication skills, they have a special and sensitive understanding of color. Konica Minolta has a deep understanding of the training needs of special children. Combined with the low-carbon environmental protection theme of how to configure the host of the cupping tester in the school, Konica Minolta has carefully made colorful and illustrated environmental protection posters with the color digital printing equipment produced by Konica Minolta and posted them on the campus. In the form of easy-to-understand cartoons, students are guided to start from the small things around them from the aspects of saving water, electricity, paper, etc, Join the action of protecting the earth's environment

at the same time, in order to cooperate with the daily sunshine one hour physical rehabilitation activities carried out by the school, Konica Minolta specially purchased a batch of physical exercise equipment specially designed for children to encourage children to grow up healthier and happier in unremitting exercise

at the donation site, Konica Minolta volunteers joined this group of lovely children, played baseball with them and taught them to ride bicycles. Gao LIULANG, Minister of Konica Minolta office systems (China) Co., Ltd., said cordially: one of Konica Minolta's long-term business visions in China is to repay the society and help vulnerable groups. In addition, we are actively carrying out enterprise activities that are harmonious between people and the environment all over the world, paying special attention to the effective and recycling utilization of resources. This time, the color digital printing equipment produced by our company is specially used to make environmental protection posters for the school. It is also hoped that students can pay attention to the recycling of resources, carry the heart of environmental protection, start from the small things around within their power, learn to live a low-carbon life, and jointly create a more beautiful and brilliant future

Nanyang school sincerely thanked Konica Minolta for its constant help and care over the years, and said that environmental protection is also one of the integration themes of the school's daily teaching. Konica Minolta's return visit just combined this theme, and the donated environmental protection posters are innovative and of practical educational significance. After the donation ceremony, Konica Minolta volunteers were invited to visit Nanyang school and check the use of two Konica Minolta color laser printers presented to the school last year

since entering China, Konica Minolta has actively participated in social charities and public welfare undertakings and tirelessly returned the society with a little love. Every act of love has witnessed Konica Minolta's oath and action to fulfill the corporate society and set an example for corporate citizens, and also witnessed that Konica Minolta has taken another solid step in realizing the coordinated and sustainable development of enterprise, society and environment

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