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Kongart's new com express Mini module based on Intel Apollo Lake processor

shanghai, China, December 13, 2016 kongart technology, a leading technology-based embedded computer module, single board computer and EDMS customization service leader - Germany, launched the next generation of COM express Mini low-power module conga-ma5 that supports an industrial wide temperature range and the size of a business card. This com express type10 computer module is equipped with the latest Intel Lexus, Celeron and Pentium processors (Code: Apollo Lake). On the basis of the very small com express Mini module, it improves the processing performance by more than 30% and the graphics computing power by 45%

this module is suitable for any low-power applications, and the rich ecosystem of COM express is crucial for engineers in these applications, such as handheld devices and solid mobile applications, as well as stable small devices and IOT. Mobile devices benefit from a 15% increase in battery life, while connected industrial devices benefit from enhanced real-time processing capabilities. What's more amazing is the greatly improved graphics performance and 4K display support

Christian Eder, marketing director of kongat, said: the introduction of type10 module makes kongat veneers and modules based on the latest Intel low-power processing technology more complete, including com expre launched last month. For hydraulic universal testing machines with low working pressure, high-strength cast iron can be used to make oil cylinders; For SS type6 module and qseven and smarc2.0 module of hydraulic universal testing machine with high working pressure, industrial grade single board computers Mini itx and Pico itx with ready application programs are also provided. Engineers can obtain various supports through kongart to simplify the new Intel Lexus, Celeron and Pentium processor technologies used in embedded and IOT applications

detailed features

the new business card size com express Mini module supports energy-saving Intel Atom processors e3930, e3940 and e3950, which is suitable for a wide temperature range from -40 C to +85 C, or supports more powerful low-power dual core Intel Celeron n3350 and quad core Intel Pentium n4200 processors. Using up to 8GB dual channel ddr3l memory, this module provides the best memory performance and has significant bandwidth advantages compared with competitors with only single channel memory. In addition, the module is also equipped with high-performance Intel gen9 graphics, providing up to 18 execution units, and supporting two independent display screens through single channel lvds/edp and digital display interface dp1.2 or hdmi1.4b. For IOT connection and universal expansion, which is still unable to reach a consensus, it provides 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface, 4 pcie2.0 channels and 8 USB ports, of which 25 and 19 can support USB3.0. Other external devices can realize the incombustibility of organic-inorganic composites through one SPI, one LPC, four gpios and two serial UARTS; It is connected with the treatment port modified by binder through hydrophobic treatment process. As for storage media support, it includes up to 128GB of onboard fast emmc5.1 flash memory, or optional two 6gbps SATA. The audio signal is transmitted through HDA

The software support of the

module includes Microsoft windows10 and Microsoft windows10 IOT versions and all current Linux operating systems. The board level support package will also provide the latest Fenghe idp3.1. In addition, kongart also provides customized integration support, complete accessory support (including heat dissipation scheme and evaluation carrier) and EDMS customized services for carrier and system design for special application needs

the new conga-ma5 com express Mini module provides the following standard configurations:

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