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Konica Minolta launched a marketing campaign with the theme of "beyond printing"

in order to actively educate and guide customers and make them fully understand their company's constantly updated products and services, Konica Minolta Asia Pacific Department of Commerce launched a new advertising and social media campaign with the theme of "beyond printing". Konica Minolta, a leading supplier of business solutions, aims to reach out to many industry enterprises and involve them through this activity

Celine long, marketing manager of Konica Minolta Asia Pacific region, said: we have designed a two pronged advertising scheme to make it attractive and interactive. This not only cultivates this kind of structure so that the material can maintain the ability of Konica Minolta customers' printing knowledge machine memory to store data other than 40 samples when pH or temperature changes, but also guides customers to our photo page, There they can join our competition and have the chance to win customized photo books

she added: the customers who cooperate with Konica Minolta can simplify the process, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our customer-centered initial experimental method enables us to understand the challenges they face and provide overall optimized solutions

science and technology are changing with each passing day, and the needs of users are also changing. Considering this, the essence of business is to constantly innovate and adjust the company's marketing strategy to meet new challenges. Konica Minolta's activities aim to educate customers about the company's blueprint and deepen customers' understanding of the brand

from today's launch and online to December 22, 2013, the advertising campaign will be carried out in four stages at large-scale express stations around the country, each stage lasting four to five weeks

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