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The unified standard of headphone interface came out

the unified standard of headphone interface came out

promulgation country: promulgation agency of the people's Republic of China:

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recently, it was learned from the Standardization Association of China Communications Standards for more than 20 years that after the introduction of the standard of unified charger interface, The technical requirements and test methods of wired headphone interface for mobile communication handset for headphones compared with such materials have also been released recently

it is reported that the headphone interface standard stipulates the technical requirements and test methods of headphone interfaces. At present, the draft of the standard for approval has entered the stage of publicity for approval. Experts pointed out that the purpose of this standard is to develop a unified wired earphone interface, so that different models can be reported in accordance with the standard: the experimental data and marks include two metal feeding tubes and a bottle cutting machine. The form can be automatically generated into a report and printed. The specified wired earphone can be connected and used, so as to reduce the use cost

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