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Add vitality to print advertising the digital transformation of paper media has affected the printing industry

at present, the common way of digital devices such as print advertising links is through QR code. A new application launched by an American application development company makes a difference: as long as you take pictures of goods on printed advertisements, the mobile device can directly link to the goods purchase page. The whole process of selecting standard tension samples takes less than 30 seconds. A research report released by jumio, a mobile and payment company, shows that 47% of people will give up because the purchase process is too long, and only 23% will insist on completing orders that go wrong in the middle of the purchase. E-commerce application developers said: e-commerce related applications must solve the lengthy purchase process, make the purchase process simple and fast, and make it easier for consumers to improve the overall level of oilfield chemical technology. Print media is a great shopping tool for consumers, which can shorten the distance between consumers and actual goods. This new application allows consumers to easily complete the process from browsing to purchasing, which greatly facilitates the presentation of goods in print advertisements and the purchase process of consumers. In this way, print advertising will help businesses to a greater extent, promote the development of print advertising, endow traditional printing enterprises with new business models, and bring new vitality to traditional printing enterprises that are increasingly difficult to operate. (liumingfu) the digital transformation of paper media has affected the printing industry. According to Huicong printing, the low price change of the Washington Post once again caused an uproar in the media industry and was acquired by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, which means a lot. In July this year, microcomputer world, one of the most successful computer magazines in the world, stopped publishing its printed version in the United States. The publisher said that the American version of the magazine would turn to a pure digital version; At the beginning of the year, the US weekly announced that it would no longer publish paper editions and would realize all digitalization. In recent years, the turbulence of the global paper media has attracted attention. Markdonovan, senior vice president of the mobile business of comScore, a well-known Internet Statistics company in the United States, said: tablet computers fundamentally redefine the way people read and information. Compared with notebook computers or smart computers, it is more conducive for users to read longer content. It can be seen that paper carriers are gradually being replaced by electronic reading Amway materials, which is expected to be "unveiled" terminals in the volleyball match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. In this way, the orders of printing plants may be reduced, which will affect a series of related manufacturers such as upstream manufacturers. Media ideas, a global research and consulting company, predicts that the industry will experience a huge change in "let's play". The scale of digital versions will be close to print versions by 2020; Columbia review comments on the development trend of the newspaper industry: Generally speaking, the last century is the golden age of the newspaper industry. It is worth paying attention to whether printing will decline with the decline of paper media in the future

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