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The industry urgently needs to rekindle whether the folding screen can become a life-saving straw

outside the venue, dealers surrounded him and shouted, "let me touch it" one after another... Lao Yu took out mate x, and everyone shook in front of him. After playing for a while, they quickly put it in their pockets

in the venue, a piece of glass divides the "dynamic and static world" into two: one side is a colorful but somewhat distorted screen; On the other side is the look that you look forward to but can't touch


all actions add a bit of mystery to the folding screen. It is like a "bad wind" sweeping Barcelona, with a strong pressure on 5g

people can't help asking whether the high amount of research and development has created a high price folding screen. Does such investment really meet the market demand? Is this a false demand or a real trend

within 12 hours after the release of mate x, the number of microblog discussions exceeded 100 million

it is not difficult to understand the high enthusiasm: under the basic paradigm of straight board, bangs screen, water drop screen, comprehensive screen... All kinds of minimally invasive screens have been fried again and again, but the design of each family is seriously homogenized, and user visual fatigue has already emerged

the survey data also sent a signal: according to the global intelligent shipment volume in the fourth quarter of 2018 released by IDC, the shipment volume in this quarter was 370million units, a year-on-year decrease of 4.9%, which has declined for five consecutive quarters

if viewed in terms of Internet thinking, this data means that dividends are disappearing and people's desire to change planes is fading. The signal amplification can be changed by adjusting the potentiometer

in this case, a bending machine is enough to rekindle enthusiasm

however, it should be noted that this is not the first initiative of Huawei

Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group, said bluntly in an interview with Sina Technology, "all products released now do not exceed the folding concept issued by Lenovo three years ago"

and Ruoyu technology has carried out similar experiments for a long time, but the workmanship is not perfect, and its Ruoyu flexpai has not achieved mass production. Samsung, another giant, launched S6 in 2015, which includes the design of curved screen, but the bending degree is insufficient

use to be solved takes priority

today's mate X has evolved in technology a few years ago, achieving "seamless closing"

Yu Chengdong specially explained this patent, saying that "engineers have studied for three years to solve the seamless problem. There are more than 100 parts in this folding chain"

the industry admires such difficulties, but the question is whether such investment really meets the market demand? What is the purpose of this curved screen? Is this a false demand or a real trend

the familiar slogan "charge for 5 minutes and talk for 2 hours" comes from oppo deputy general manager liquidation and cleaning: the idea of the righteous man of cutting Shen, and even he did not understand the value of the folding screen. In an interview with Sina Technology, he bluntly said, "now the folding screen is still like a flip, and it is folded for folding. In addition to visual shock, it may not help users deal with more information"

Yang Yuanqing also roast, "many manufacturers are still making ppt products and putting them in glass bottles, worried about the real experience being touched by users?"

some research institutions believe that the initial demand for folding will not be too high when the product shape needs to be continuously adjusted, the production capacity and technology of non Samsung flexible AMOLED are not fully in place, and the real demand of consumers is unknown

insiders told sina science and technology that at present, many enterprises are laying out folding screens, which is more meaningful to "occupy the market" and seize the main position of the market before the outbreak of the industry, so as to prevent falling behind in the next reshuffle

upstream war is imminent

one side is the confrontation of terminals, and the other side is the competition of chips

at the beginning of this year, Huawei released the "Baron 5000" 5g multi-mode terminal chip in Beijing, saying that its own product is more than twice as fast as its competitors. Then Qualcomm released the second generation 5g baseband chip Xiaolong x55

Huawei executives believe that Huawei is a product oriented enterprise. Its advantage lies in its strong integration ability. It does not need to "look ahead and backward" like Qualcomm. It should not only take into account the needs of consumers, but also meet the needs of manufacturers

not only that, in addition to the 5g chip battle, Huawei's Kirin chip also has a lot of friction with Qualcomm's Xiaolong chip

during MWC, Huawei's voice was not small, and Qualcomm naturally did not show weakness. Amon, the president, was busy on the platform for Chinese enterprises, and even put on the manufacturer's commemorative shirt. Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, explained that Qualcomm has helped manufacturers choose Xiaolong chips to make the best products, and at the same time, it has to come out to provide platforms for those manufacturers when necessary

presumably in the 5g era, the relationship between the two giants will become more delicate and war is imminent

conclusion: there is no urgent need

the development of 5g is doomed to be slow. During the interview, many insiders believed that 5g had just started this year, and that the real explosion point would be next year or even the next year. Users need to wait at least a year for the machine change trend they are concerned about. First, there is a certain difference between the tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of high-molecular polymers and the general tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials, waiting for the maturity of the whole industrial chain and technology, and second, waiting for the cost decline after the industrial scale is expanded

perhaps as Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said, there is no urgent need for 5g in society now. Don't rush to find gold from 5g

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